Here's Everything We Learned About Kristen Stewart Based On What She Wore For Her First Post-Breakup Public Outing

On Monday, Kristen Stewart walked out of her friend's house and into her SUV. She was wearing a crop top, jeans and backwards cap and carrying a McD

On Monday, Kristen Stewart walked out of her friend's house and into her SUV. She was wearing a crop top, jeans and backwards cap and carrying a McDonalds coffee and flowers. (You can see the pictures here). Though Kristen Stewart was probably out in public for a grand total of five minutes, it has everyone wondering: WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?!?

Well, apparently, a lot of things. To a lot of people. Let's take a look at how various outlets have covered this earth-shattering K.Stew appearance, and see what we've learned, shall we?

On Kristen's general appearance:

"She looks as pale as Snow White. Actress Kristen Stewart finally stepped out from the shadows yesterday and into the LA daylight...The sour-puss star looked as if she had choked biting on a rotten apple as she stepped out from hiding and hurried to a waiting SUV."--Page Six

"She was not smiling and did not appear happy about being photographed."--USA Today

"Kristen looked skinny, not unhealthy, but she’s understandably lost weight."--Hollywood Life. (Their headline: "Kristen Stewart Can’t Live Without Robert Pattinson." Nice, guys.)

"It doesn’t look as if she’s lost any unhealthy amount of weight."--Hollywood Life

"Looking pale and preoccupied, the Twilight star wore a low-key outfit"--Herald Sun

"Kristen Stewart may have been hittin' the gym here and there, maybe not."--E Online

"The "Twilight" star looked withdrawn and serious -- and quite slim -- however, she did not look unhealthy as some recent reports have claimed. Her hair looked a bit messy under the hat, but she definitely did not look like she had not been showering, as some sources have been reporting."--Examiner

"Contrary to recent reports, the Snow White and the Huntsman star looked neither haggard nor emaciated. She looked remarkably normal."--Gather

What we've learned -She's pale -She's unhappy -She may or may not be going to the gym -She may or may not have just choked on a rotten apple -She's lost an 'understandable' amount of weight -She may or may not have showered -She's skinny -She looks normal -Based on Page Six's metaphors, she's either a vampire or Snow White -She may die

On her outfit:

"The 22-year-old stepped out in sneakers, rolled-up gray jeans, a cropped white T-shirt and—taking a style cue from her scorned beau, is she?—a backwards baseball cap."--E Online

"Wearing shades, ill-fitting jeans, battered sneakers, a backward baseball cap and a midriff-baring cutoff T-shirt, and with her long tresses uncombed, Stewart, 22, was far from the glamour girl of the “Twilight” movie series."--Page Six

"Twilight” actress was spotted in L.A. wearing grey jeans, a cropped white shirt, black Vans and the most telling article of clothing -- Pattinson's Orioles baseball cap [pictured above from May]. She was also wearing a special gold ring, a gift from Rob."--Extra TV

"Most remarkable of all were Kristen's accessories. She was wearing Robert Pattinson's Baltimore Orioles baseball cap, and perhaps even more importantly, she wore a gold ring which was clearly visible on her index finger in the photos. As all twihards know, that's the ring RPattz gave her...What does all this mean?...Looks like KStew is wallowing in some sort of self-induced delusion that Robsten is still on."--Gather

"When Kristen stepped out on Aug. 20 wearing Rob’s hat, shirt and the ring he gave her, it was apparent — she loves spoke to Dr. Ava Cadell, the Founder of Loveology University and she tells us: 'Kristen is still wearing Rob Pattinson’s hat and ring because she cannot imagine her life without him!'"--Hollywood Life

"She looked very healthy, wearing sunglasses, jeans, and a white crop top that showed off her fit stomach...Most importantly, though, it was very visible that she’s still wearing the gold ring on her index finger that Rob, 26, gave her!...She also had a pretty hefty backpack on her back."--Hollywood Life

"Kristen stayed low-key in a backward hat, though she did put her toned abs on display in a crop top"--Pop Sugar

What We've Learned: -she's wearing jeans -she's wearing a crop top -she's putting her abs on display -she's dressed "low-key" -she's definitely sending a cryptic message to Rob Pattinson, and the world at large, by wearing some of his clothes -she can't imagine life without Rob

On what she'e carrying:

"She curiously carried a bouquet of flowers with her coffee."--Page Six

"Carried a bunch of flowers"--Herald Sun

"She carried a large backpack, a McDonald's coffee, and a paper bag containing 'what look[ed] like a bouquet of some sort...'"--Gather

"She was carrying what looked like asparagus, she’s clearly trying to eat healthy and most likely working out nonstop."--Hollywood Life

What we've learned: -she's carrying flowers -she frequents McDonalds -she's carrying asparagus -she's dieting and working out non-stop

Our conclusion: - Kristen Stewart is a 22-year-old actress who is pretty and maybe just went through a breakup and when she's not on a red carpet promoting a movie likes to wear jeans and a t-shirt and chucks (OK, she likes to wear those on the red carpet, too). She drinks coffee. She drives an SUV. SO WEIRD right?