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In Which Andy Warhol 'Interviews' the Brant Brothers and Peter Brant II Sticks Up For Women

There's no question that Peter II and Harry Brant have, at the age of 19 and 16, respectively, lead lives more fabulous and star-filled than we ever w

There's no question that Peter II and Harry Brant have, at the age of 19 and 16, respectively, lead lives more fabulous and star-filled than we ever will. And we never tire of hearing about their escapades.

Still, even we didn't expect them to pull off this surprising coup: Having Andy Warhol interview them from the grave. But that's precisely what happened in this month's issue of Interview magazine (which dad Peter Brant owns).

Apparently, the interview is the first in an ongoing series that will have subjects answer questions Interview founder Warhol once asked (to Bianca Jagger, Michael Jackson, Jodie Foster, Diana Ross, etc). We have to say, the magazine picked the perfect first subjects for Warhol--if the famous artist were around today, there's no doubt he would have been all over the Brant brothers. I mean, can't you just see them being the subject of one of his pop art portraits?

Obviously, that's never going to happen--so we'll just have to settle for this imaginary tete-a-tete between Andy and the two Brant brothers, and the accompanying sleek editorial, shot by Steven Klein. Read on for the highlights.

On wearing women's clothes:

WARHOL: What kind of clothes do you like? HARRY: Everything. A mix of women's and men's clothes. Even for the shoot I did for Interview, they needed to get a lot of women's clothes because I'm so skinny. A lot of men's clothes don't fit me—they have to be really heavily altered. But I love a bolero! I've got to have one of those. I love very clean lines and then a little craziness.

On living forever:

WARHOL: Do you want to live forever? PETER II: It depends. I would live forever if I could live forever with another person. If it were two people, we would live forever together. I’m sure we would fight a lot and we’d get really sick of each other, but we could do a bunch of awesome stuff through the centuries and be like, “Oh, my god, do you remember Michelangelo?”

On going to fashion shows, editors getting jaded, and Galliano being one of Harry's favorite designers:

WARHOL: Do you go to fashion shows? HARRY: Yes... I try not to go to too many, otherwise it kind of becomes a hassle and takes the fun out of it. I see a lot of editors who don't even look at the show. They literally will not even look up... But I love going to shows. I love the pageantry of it. I love the Chanel show where they go crazy with the backdrop, and I love a show like Azzedine Alaïa's where you're just in a white room and the clothes are so fantastic. It's incredible. I've never been to a Galliano show. He's one of my favorite designers, so that's a bummer.

On aging:

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WARHOL: Why do we all have to age? PETER II: I think about this all the time. It’s really unfair, the difference between men and women in the aging process. When men age, they become more distinguished, while with women, they are considered less desirable as time goes on. I’ve got a lot of guy friends who plan on getting married, but not until their thirties or forties. And I bet in their thirties or forties, they’ll marry a woman in her twenties. It’s like some horrible cosmic joke played on women.

On Harry buying stocks at age seven, and starting his art collection at 12:

WARHOL: Are you collecting art? HARRY: I have a Josh Smith that he gave me for my birthday. When I was about 9 years old, I asked for stocks for my birthday. I was really into stocks then. I got Apple stocks because I thought it was a cool company. I bought them when they were low. They were quite high when I sold them at 13. So with that profit, I really wanted to buy one of Josh's paintings. Stocks had lost their allure for me. So I called Luhring Augustine [Gallery] over and over, and Josh invited me to his studio and gave me a painting for my birthday. And so I still had the money from the stocks, and with the help of my brother Dylan, who knows a lot about art, I got a Nate Lowman. I also have an Urs Fischer, which I ordered when I was 12. Only recently did Urs tell my dad he's going to finish my piece. Now I'm trying to figure out how to pay for it!

On Peter's dream film role (he is, after all, studying acting at Bard these days):

WARHOL: If you got cast in a movie tomorrow, what would be your ideal role? PETER II: I’d love to play Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby. The narrator is pretty good too, and so is Daisy’s husband . . . Well, Tom Buchanan is almost a villain. I could play a villain well.

[Ed note: Baz Luhrman, you missed out!!]

On getting Harry's memoirs turned into a movie, directed by Sofia Coppola (obviously):

WARHOL: Are you going to write a book? HARRY: Yes, my memoirs, and then hopefully they get turned into a movie. That's my goal, for a book to be turned into a movie. And then I get to control the soundtrack! There would be a lot of artsy scenes, like of me running through a field. It would be very cool. I think Sofia Coppola should direct it, even though nobody's ever asked to make a movie about me.

[Ed note: Ummmm can we please make this happen???]

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