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Michael Pitt on the 'Crazy, Brilliant' People of Fashion and Borrowing an Armani Suit to Meet 'Marty' Scorsese

Leaning against the uber-modern bar at the W Hotel Downtown, Michael Pitt looked a far cry from his Boardwalk Empire alter ego Jimmy Darmody. For star
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Leaning against the uber-modern bar at the W Hotel Downtown, Michael Pitt looked a far cry from his Boardwalk Empire alter ego Jimmy Darmody. For starters, he was wearing "whatever was clean" (a Burberry button up, unidentified dark pants and various chains and chokers) as opposed to a three piece suit.

Sadly, I wasn't there for a hot date with Pitt (I wish)--we were there to celebrate the launch of the Four Stories Film Series produced and curated by Roman Coppola (as in Sofia's bro). The competition is a partnership between W Hotels and Intel Corporation and allows aspiring filmmakers to submit original screenplays inspired by travel. The winning three screenplays will be selected from a global pool of submissions by a panel that includes Coppola, Pitt, Chloe Sevigny and Eddy Moretti (executive producer and creative director of VICE) among others.

During Coppola's toast, he raised a glass to to audacity, innovation and excitement, encouraging participants to be bold, "Life is too short to do something half-assed!" Applicants can apply at until August 30.

Luckily I had a quiet moment with Pitt and was eager to hear about what the recent Prada face, who has voiced mixed feelings about fashion, would have to say on the subject.

You’ve worked with YSL and more recently Prada, tell us about your relationship to the fashion industry? Michael Pitt: I’m not really into fashion actually. I have a strange relationship with it. I’ve been supported by the fashion industry a lot and it has really helped me out in my career. It allowed me to support myself so I didn't have to take movies I didn’t want to. I’ve been able to meet some really eccentric, really wonderful, crazy, brilliant people. But as far as being on the cusp of fashion, I am not. I’m a jeans and a t-shirt kind of guy. Wear it until it is back in style.

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Has your style been influenced at all by Jimmy Darmody and Boardwalk Empire? There’s nothing like a three-piece suit.

Is it true that you borrowed a suit from Armani when you met with Scorsese to talk about Boardwalk Empire? Yeah. I didn’t own one. I very rarely wore suits to premieres. I was kind of broke and my grandfather is Italian and I knew if I was going to see Marty my grandfather would insist on a suit. It’s an Italian thing. I’m half Italian, a lot of people don’t know that because I don’t look it, but I was raised that way. It was mostly about knowing that I wouldn’t meet Marty in jeans.

Tell me about your involvement with the Four Stories Film Series? They just called me and told me what it was about, and I said I’m on board.

What will you be looking for in judging the short films? The same thing when I read scripts: a clear voice. An honest voice. And someone who is trying to do something different.

You play some intense, brooding characters, would you ever do comedy? I would love to do a comedy. I made a movie called Funny Games, which was a bit different for me. I don't know, watch it and you'll see what I mean. But I am definitely not opposed to comedy.