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Roberto Cavalli Delivered His Dog's Puppies On His Yacht in the Middle of the Mediterranean...Oh and Also He's Designing a Line for Target

Target is about to get an injection of la dolce vita (and some seriously loud animal prints) thanks to a new collaboration with Italian designer Rober

Target is about to get an injection of la dolce vita (and some seriously loud animal prints) thanks to a new collaboration with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. But don't get too excited: The collection, set to hit stores October 31, is only available in Australia.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Cavalli is kicking off the mass market retailer's reinvigoration of their Designers for Target program, which the news site called "occasional at best" since its inception with a Stella McCartney collection in 2007. Target Australia's site, states the collection will be priced between $49 - $129, and will include casual daywear, glamorous party pieces, footwear and swimwear.

“I'm excited to bring the joyful and positive spirit of my work to a new audience ... When I set out to design this collection I had a wonderful party in mind with all women dressed glamorously and sensually,” said Cavalli. “Of course, there will be lots of prints as they are a part of my DNA … My inspiration for prints and for clothes always comes from the wonders of nature — fantasy, colour and fun.”

The first image to be released of the collection shows a glam Karolina Kurkova (the line's official) stepping off what looks to be a yacht in a flirty, zebra-printed dress. In other words, it's classic Cavalli through and through.

In other, far, far more interesting Cavalli-related news, the designer recently helped deliver his beloved Yorkshire Terrier Rosa's puppies. On a yacht. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. And obviously, he documented the whole thing on his totally underrated blog.

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"Rosa is a small two kilos Yorkshire and I was afraid for her first delivery," Nurse Cavalli writes. "I learn from my vet how to cut the umbilical cord and what to do with the placenta… but nature is amazing! Rosa was very good and she followed the voice of God and learned quickly."

Cavalli has also documented the love story between Rosa and puppy-daddy/boyfriend Shane. "At the beginning Rosa is very intimidated by Shane’s impetuousness," he said, of the two terriers' fateful meeting. "His special attentions soon soften the situation." And so did the fact that she was in heat and they are both animals. Still, Cavalli being Cavalli he obviously had to set the mood by creating a sexy setting for the two pups.

"We have created a sort of alcove on a soft couch and from that moment a movie of connubial bliss begins! We enjoy ourselves to following the course of the film, which alternated romantic moments and intimate moments!"

See, in Italy, even dog's sex lives are sexier. Also: Shane + Rosa 4ever.

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