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Ryan Lochte's Style: An Investigation, Jeah!

So you've heard about this guy Ryan Lochte, right? You know the gold medal winning Olympian who accepted his gold medal wearing a grill? And loves say

So you've heard about this guy Ryan Lochte, right? You know the gold medal winning Olympian who accepted his gold medal wearing a grill? And loves saying 'Jeah!' all.the.time? Of course you have. He's everywhere.

By now, you've probably also heard all about Lochte's personal style and how crazy original he thinks it is ("I try not to dress like everyone else" he's said). In fact, Lochte's style is just so awesome that, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's received several offers to design his own line, which, as he's made plain, is a lifelong dream of his. That's right: A Ryan Lochte fashion line might soon be upon us. Which is both terrifying and awesome.

Anyway, because we know Ryan just loves fashion, we decided to take a look at everything he's ever said on the subject--and illustrate those quotes with some of his more notable ensembles. Quite a contradiction emerged. Don't believe us? Just click through.


"All that crazy stuff I wear, It's just my personality. I'm letting you know the real Ryan Lochte." the real Ryan Lochte actually Mike The Situation?

"I don’t have a set style, but I try not to dress like everyone else."

Seriously though he needs to be on the Jersey Shore.

On his shoes:

"It's green. I want to say, it's like a shiny green, the whole shoe. And on top of it, is covered in green rhinestone. The whole entire shoe."

The whole entire shoe. Got it?


"Those shoes are just going to light up. They're going to light up the sky."

"My personal style? Rock star swagger."

"I think it’s really fun to wear an item that stands out – or as I like to say, ‘Martian.' I love wearing and creating styles that are out of this world and that was the inspiration behind the designs of my Limited Edition Speedo Footwear Collection, which is a way for me to share my personal style with the swimming community and consumers and bring a little Ryan Lochte flair to the pool deck… Jeah!”

Bet you're thinking 'Martian' when you look at those flip-flops, amirite?

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Interviewer (while discussing Lochte's career): "Is there anything that you haven't done that you would like to do? Anything you'd want to do in the future? Ryan: Skydiving--wooo! Interviewer: No I mean work-wise. Ryan: I mean that'd be awesome if I could do modeling. Just like print ads. Nothing like runway, no way.

He says he would call his clothing line 'Jeah.' Seriously.

Hey Ryan, what's a 'romper'?

"A what? Man, see what comes to my mind...a girl with a big BUTT. You know, a ROMPER. You can't say that."

"I'm definitely all into fashion. I love just standing out there, just doing something different, where someone sees me and says, there goes Ryan."

We definitely see you buddy.

Original style in a nutshell.

On his personal style:

"Whatever looks good and is comfortable. I like rock star, hip hop, and surfer attire all rolled into one."

To be fair he probably is quite comfortable in a Speedo.

"Thanks to Anna Wintour for her belief in me and for the honor being the 4th man on the cover of Vogue. Jeah!"

You know Anna is psyched about this. Maybe she can wear some of Lochte's shades.

In defense of Ryan Lochte by Nora Crotty

• He'd probably be a really fun +1 at a wedding • Anna Wintour maybe thinks he's an ok guy • He knows how to rock some legit neck bling (see photo) • He talks out of only one side of his mouth--can you do that? Jeah. • He looks good in a Speedo • He's way cuter than Michael Phelps (sorry!) • He's way cuter than Michael Phelps