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Summer Fridays: On Vacation With Decades' Co-Owner Christos Garkinos

It’s summer and that means on Fridays everyone should be sneaking out of work a little bit early to go on a weekend jaunt or grab a drink on a sunny r
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It’s summer and that means on Fridays everyone should be sneaking out of work a little bit early to go on a weekend jaunt or grab a drink on a sunny rooftop. The fashion industry, which works really hard, also knows how to cut loose and play hard. In our new weekly column, called Summer Fridays, we catch up with industry insiders to find out what they do, where they go, and what they bring with them when they escape the daily grind. We’ve vacayed with stylist Johnny Wujek and went SCUBA-ing with Barbara Bui. This week, we’re catching up with Decades' co-owner Christos Garkinos. Bon voyage!

Christos Garkinos is tall, handsome, well-versed in everything sartorial and basically the total package--definitely a candidate to become America’s Next Top Fashion Reality Star. That’s right, soon Garkinos will be on television screens everywhere with his new Bravo reality series about his longtime business, the beloved Decades consignment boutique. Dubbed the “Robin Hood of Fashion,” Garkinos has built his legendary business through his encyclopedic knowledge of fashion with his highly selective eye for style and what’s in for the new season. When he isn’t filming his show, making appearances or working his business, Garkinos tries to travel as much as possible and do everything at least once. Just don’t ask him to ski!

Fashionista: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done on vacation? Christos Garkinos: The craziest thing I've done on vacation is take one carry-on bag for 10 days in Greece. It was a real situation. What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you on vacation? Running out of money while in France as a college student. I was stuck in Monaco until my mother wired me money. Being broke in Monaco is not pretty. Who's the one person you travel with the most, and why? My husband. He keeps us organized and ensures that I don't over pack!

Where is one place you'd never go back to? Vancouver. I don't ski. And while it is pretty -- there isn't much going on.

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What’s the most exotic meal you’ve ever had on vacation? The most exotic meal I had while away had to be guinea pig in Peru. It's a specialty there. Once was enough for me! What is something you fell in love with on vacation? I fell in love with Russia while on vacation there last year. Moscow felt like Paris in the 80's. What's your favorite summer song? That would have to be “Into the Groove” by Madonna.

If you could go back to any spot where would it be and what would you do there? I would definitely return to my mom's village in Rhodes, Greece and do a photo essay of my roots. What are your packing essentials? 1. Goyard passport holder 2. Parke and Ronen swimsuits 3. Paul Smith flip flops 4. American Apparel V-neck tees 5. Malin + Goetz facial moisturizer 6. iPad 7. Tom Ford beige blazer