What Happened When I Ditched the Cat Eye and Took the Revlon Expression Experiment

I'll admit it: I've been stuck in somewhat of a beauty rut lately--lately meaning the past three years, and maybe even longer. Every morning, it's the

I'll admit it: I've been stuck in somewhat of a beauty rut lately--lately meaning the past three years, and maybe even longer. Every morning, it's the same tried-and-true routine: Mascara, blush, maybe some lipstick, and above all, a flick of black liquid liner. Truth be told, I've grown very attached to that little flick. Onlookers marvel at the ease with which I create it, what speed! I can try to blame Brigitte Bardot, Lily Allen... but truthfully, I can only blame myself. Yes, I've become a liquid liner master--but a slave to it at the same time.

Which is why, when the

For my first challenge, I went for the most color-packed compact I could find: Revlon Colorstay 6-Hour Eye Shadow in Inspired #540. The hues reminded me of a peacock's plumage: Super rich green, turquoise, purple, and creme. Intimidating? Totally. But Revlon makes it easy: The back of the compact has illustrated instructions on exactly how to apply to color on your eyes. I followed the four steps, slapped on some mascara, and in 5-minutes flat, I had party-perfect peacock eyes!

Next up was Colorstay 6-Hour Eye Shadow in Seductive #530. This purpley compact looked pretty romantic to me--a look I'm always craving come autumn. Isn't there something so sweet about purples? I think yes. The light purple tones were very different for me--I ended up caving and rimming my lashes with a little liner--but only a tiny bit, I swear! I paired the soft eye makeup with some deep merlot lips for a classic look that I'll definitely be recreating this fall.

For my final challenge, I put down the powder compacts and tried Colorstay Smoky Shadow Stick in Smolder #215--and smolder, I did. One use of this creamy, weightless stick and I was hooked. The two greeny tones blended together flawlessly, leaving me with a sassy smoky eye that was anything but basic. Who knew it could be do simple? I added a berry pink lip to compliment my new-found hazy gaze. Obsessed. This look is a keeper for sure, and an awesome alternative to my tired daytime cat-eye. Meeeow.

Stepping away from my beloved liquid flick was hard at first, but I'm starting to learn that there's more to life than liner--and the eye-drama I was able to create with these amazing, bright, bold Revlon shadow shades is certainly a match for my overall dramatic flare. I'd say this experiment was a major success.

Now it's your turn! What aspects of your awesome personality have you been hiding with your boring beauty rituals? Take the challenge for yourself! Just go to Revlon's Facebook page to participate in the Revlon Expression Experiment. We can't wait to see your story!

Click through for close-up pics of my Bright & Bold Eye Challenge and get inspired for yourself.

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