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Who Should Replace Sally Singer at T?

We were all caught off guard by this week's announcement that Sally Singer would be leaving T, the magazine she left Vogue to helm just two years ago.
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We were all caught off guard by this week's announcement that Sally Singer would be leaving T, the magazine she left Vogue to helm just two years ago. Her ousting is rumored to be due to a decrease in ad pages, particularly from luxury brands, even though we really loved the hyper-real messy/sexy/edgy vibe she brought to the mag.

But fashion is always about what's next--and so everyone's favorite guessing game right now is: Who will replace Singer?

WWD offered some suggestions today, and now we'd like to propose a few of our own.

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Deborah Needleman

As the current editor of T's rival, the fashion supplement of the Wall Street Journal, Needleman seems an obvious choice. At the Journal she oversees WSJ magazine and the paper's weekend Off Duty section. But would she actually leave such a plum gig?

When WWD reached out for comment the editor responded “I love my job. I’m focusing on our fall-winter issues right now from the Midwest.”

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Amy Larocca

Currently the fashion director at New York magazine, we think she'd be a good fit. Both T and New York take an intellectual approach to fashion coverage, and have large digital presences (New York's even more so with the relaunch of The Cut--and at the press preview for the relaunch, Larocca was present to talk about her upped involvement with the site). Former New York fashion director Harriet Mays Powell's name was also thrown in the mix by a commenter...

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Stuart Emmrich

Currently the editor of the Times Styles section, WWD reports his name is in the mix. Always easy to poach from within.

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Kate Betts

Another name suggested by commenters and some fellow editors, Betts shouldn't be overlooked. She's certainly got the right mix of newsy and glossy fashion mag experience--currently an editor at Time, she was the EIC of Harper's Bazaar (even if that didn't go over well) and was the news director of Vogue (where she was actually replaced by Sally Singer).

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Michael Hainey

WWD reports that Hainey, the deputy editor at GQ, has been named "by several sources as a possible successor to Singer." Since we love GQ, we like the idea of someone from the lads' mag going to T.

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Anne Christensen

The former fashion director of T, now the fashion director at Glamour, Christensen was supposed to be the front runner for the job after Stefano Tonchi left. Now that's she's got the commercial experience from working at the Conde title, perhaps now's her time. If she wants it...

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Anne Slowey

Elle's hilarious and sharp Fashion News Editor was rumored to be up for the job the last go round. It's one of the brainer glossies, and ad pages are soaring for the book.

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Horacio Silva

The former online director at T, The Daily Beast is reporting Silva is in the running.