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10 Apps You Need to Download Before Fashion Week

The non-stop madness that is fashion week begins officially tomorrow (and unofficially today), meaning you have just a short time to prepare. That mea
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The non-stop madness that is fashion week begins officially tomorrow (and unofficially today), meaning you have just a short time to prepare. That means stocking up on coffee, granola bars, doing your laundry, picking up your dry cleaning, submitting all of your ticket requests and rsvp’s, and--this is a fairly new one--making sure you’ve downloaded all the mobile apps you need to make your life easier during those seven days and nights (or longer if you’re Europe-bound). Not sure what they are? Not to worry, we’ve made a list of 10 apps we think you need to download stat, so that logistical disasters and disorganization won’t get in the way of all of the actual fashion. Seriously, these will organize every aspect of your life.

Click through to see what they are and get ready to make technology your friend. Also, remember to carry a charger with you everywhere. Otherwise, you’re screwed.

Fashion GPS radar: The visionaries behind Fashion GPS, the fashion industry’s invaluable sample trafficking and event organizing software, has partnered with IMG, the organizers of MBFW, and to create an expanded version of Fashion GPS Radar, which is probably the most important app to have on your smartphone this week. The app streamlines the traditional fashion show process, allowing you to manage RSVP’s, check in to shows, map event locations in all four fashion capitals, view post-event runway images, create personalized look books, share looks across social media and even request looks in real time. Fashion week has officially been revolutionized. Everyone’s go-to site for disturbingly fast reviews and photos from the runways should also be your go-to app. It’s the most organized and reliable mobile place to follow fashion week and particularly useful to those who are not actually there.

Instagram: It goes without saying that Instagram is one of the most important social media tools for fashion week. Use for runway shots, but use Instagram for immediate and beautifully filtered shots from fashion insiders of interesting details, cool nail art and behind-the-scenes surprises. Here are some good people to follow.

Shazam: Always wishing you knew the song playing during a show? Just Shazam it to find out and expand your music library now while looking at clothes you won’t be able to buy for another six months (or ever).

WWD: It can be tricky to keep up with news while running from show to show. In addition to checking Fashionista as often as possible (obvi), WWD’s newly updated iPhone app will keep you abreast of all the breaking news and inevitable rumors so you’ll have something to chat about with your colleagues. Print and online subscribers receive the iPhone and iPad editions for free as part of their subscription. Non-subscribers can purchase a bundled WWD subscription that includes print, digital, iPad and iPhone for $169. An iPad and iPhone subscription is $129.99 for the year or $12.99 a month

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Cloth: Don't act like you don't pre-plan your fashion week outfits. An app like Cloth or Stylebook, which may remind you of Cher's closet-organizing computer system in Clueless, which keeps track of outfits and clothing items, is a great way to do it. Cloth takes it a step further and will even pull outfits based on the weather forecast.

LinkedIn Cardmunch: For those of us who have tons of business cards collecting at the bottom of our purses that we'll probably never get around to organizing, there is Cardmunch. When some stylist or publicist or freelance something or other hands you a business card, just snap a photo of it, discreetly throw it away (or give it back to them if they won't be offended) and watch as Cardmunch instantly turns it into a contact. Genius.

Hootsuite: Overwhelmed by all of the social media accounts you have to update during fashion week? Make it easier and keep them all in one place with this Hootsuite mobile app, which even shows you how popular your tweets are.

Evernote: Evernote is not your average note-taking app. In addition to making notes (or writing your reviews) on each show, you can snap and save photos, bookmark webpages, search, easily share, and even plan trips; and you can access all of it from anywhere, including any computer. They even have it for Blackberry!

W Front Row: This app allows you to save favorites, view a fashion week calendar, see what's buzzing on Twitter, get an insider's guide to all four fashion capitals and more.

Honorary Mention, Grindr: A reader sent us the following friendly suggestion. Being girls, we'd never thought about it:

you forgot about grindr during your fashion week app recap -- gayz need to get laid between shows

Few events have a higher concentration of 'em than fashion week. And at least you know that despite their shirtless profile pics, they probably know how to dress.