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Our Top 10 Picks from the New Fall Makeup Collections

After Labor Day we always hope that it will miraculously be 60 degrees so that we can wear that new leather coat or sweater immediately. But summer

After Labor Day we always hope that it will miraculously be 60 degrees so that we can wear that new leather coat or sweater immediately. But summer often lingers for several more weeks, meaning those boots will have to wait. But you can dive in to the new fall makeup immediately, no cool breezes required.

While we're excited for special fall collections like Nars' Andy Warhol and MAC's Carine Roitfeld (and all the new nail polish!), don't overlook the regular fall releases.There are a lot of gorgeous things to choose from this season--like dark lipsticks, peacock eyes, and mascaras that will make your lashes HUGE. Feeling overwhelmed by the selection? Let us help you. We've looked at tons of new makeup and picked our must-haves for the season.

Click through to see our top 10 crave-worthy pieces this fall.

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Emerald Lust:

Don't let the vibrant colors frighten you. You can put a light dusting on your lids for sheer color, but we mixed it in with some grey and made an amazing smokey eye that didn't look the least bit garish. Try some color this season. It won't hurt you, we promise, though the price might.

Saks, $75

NARS American Dream Eye Shadow Palette:

Did we scare you too much with that last one? Here's a palette cleanser--NARS took six of its best-selling neutrals (Bellissima, Alhambra, Silk Road, Galapagos, Bali, Tzarine) and put them all in one place. They call it a "gifting" palette, but we say--gift it to yourself. Immediately. Nordstrom, $55

MAC Styleseeker Mattene Lipstick in Camden Chic:

A dark lip for fall was all the rage on runways across the globe. This one is a plummy brick red with a slight matte finish. MUAH!, $15

Topshop Lip Marker in Berry:

Need a longer lasting dark lip? Try this lip stain--a dark berry--which you can easily snag while you're picking up the latest trendy frock at Topshop., $15

Dior Nude Au Naturel Palette:

Dior has the best packaging. Carrying one of their palettes gives you a bit of an idea what it must be like to carry one of their bags. (Well, sorta.) But what's inside is usually pretty good, too. This Sephora-exclusive palette includes three eye shadows, two lip glosses, and a bronzer that's not TOO bronze. Perfection.

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Sephora, $59

Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool:

This genius little liner takes care of a bunch of eyeliner problems all at the same time: The triple tip allows you to evenly fill in the spaces in between your lashes, which ultimately makes your lashes look thicker. Plus you can use it as a more standard eyeliner--the felt tips come in different sizes for thicker or thinner eyeliner. No excuse for not achieving that perfect winged liner.

Sephora, $22

Trish McEvoy Thickening Mascara in Jet Black:

Constantly on the look for the perfect masacara? Us too. This one is a contender. The rounded tip is super-thickening and the short brush allows you to get every lash.

{Nordstrom, $30}

Makeup Forever Aqua Shadow (Pearly Pink Beige):

Technically these shadows launched over the summer, but stock up on some for fall. This has to be our favorite current makeup trend--long-wearing eyeshadows that glide on like a big fat pencil, no brushes needed. We love this neutral rosy beige, but it comes in 12 shades from neutrals to dark smokies.

{Sephora, $20}

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Uber Basics Blush:

No one does natural like Bobbi. Here are her new blush offerings--part of the new Pretty Powerful Uber Basics collection, which also includes shadows, and of course, lipsticks.

{Nordstrom, $25}

Lancôme Blush Subtil Palette:

With a contour, blush and highlighter color all in one palette, you can get exactly the glow you want. Plus it comes in six different versions. Confused about how to apply? Their website has a handy how-to.

{Macys, $42}