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Numéro Photoshops Karlie Kloss's Ribs Out of Nudie Spread

Talk about 'playing god.'
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If you thought that provocative spread of Karlie Kloss posing nude for Numéro was a little light on BMI and heavy on the ribs, you weren't alone. Turns out the folks of the photo editing team at the glossy felt the same way and decided to take matters into their own mouses (mice?).

As Fashion Copious pointed out, the photos released yesterday by photographer Greg Kadel's studio show Karlie with a whole lot more visible ribs and collarbones, than the spread the magazine is actually printing. Maybe Numéro is trying to avoid a boney-body backlash, like the one caused by Karlie's nudie spread in Vogue Italia last year, which wound up appearing on a variety of pro-Anorexia sites. But if visible ribs are such a big deal, why do mags continue to feature stick-thin models in their editorials?

Even though this isn't your typical photoshop fail (those usually involve making a model look thinner, not the other way around), it still presents an unrealistic image--one of a body that is extremely thin, and yet somehow totally smooth, with no protruding bones. Which is why we think it's always best to depict these ladies (relatively) unaltered. Talk about 'playing god'--removing Karlie's ribs was truly a retouching job of biblical proportions.

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