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All Hail the Return of Anja Rubik's Right Hip Bone at Anthony Vaccarello

Hooray! Anja Rubik's right hip came out for an encore at the Anthony Vaccarello show in Paris yesterday.

At yesterday's Anthony Vaccarello show we were all (OK, I was at least) hoping to see some skin. Vaccarello's slit-up-to-the-hip-bone dresses caused a stir the minute they hit the runway on Karlie Kloss for spring 2012 and when Anja Rubik donned one of Vaccarello's slit and sliced creations to this year's Met ball, her hip bone became well known across the internets, eclipsing the Angelina Jolie right leg meme (at least in our eyes).

Vaccarello's spring 2013 collection was sexy as hell but not quite as heavy on the slits. Until the last look, that is. Just as we were resigned to leaving the show without seeing Anja Rubik's hip bone it suddenly appeared in all its boney glory, shining like a beacon out of a very, very high slit on an otherwise conservative (especially for Vaccarello) one-shouldered black silk caftan number. Welcome back, Anja Rubik's right hip!

Photos: Getty/Imaxtree

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