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Apparently Jill Stuart is Collaborating with K-Pop Phenomenon Psy on Gangnam Style Line

The announcement comes via a must-see video.
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Here's one fashion collab we did not see coming.

Jill Stuart, New York-based purveyor of sweet, girly, inconspicuous dresses, is apparently incorporating some "Gangnam Style" into her brand. Confused yet? It's the song slash viral music video slash Korean dance craze by ridiculous global K-Pop sensation Psy. Since its release a few months ago, the clip has become the most popular K-Pop video of all time and has been mentioned on outlets from Katy Perry's Twitter to The Wall Street Journal. Word is that Psy is collaborating with Jill Stuart on a collection, though the brand's rep here in the states tells us the collaboration "isn’t from the Jill Stuart collection," and will only be available in Asia.

The news comes via a video (which perhaps will go viral a la Gangnam Style) that we found on K-Pop site In the OTT, theatrical video, Psy tells us to "Dress classy and dance cheesy" and pits "Gangnam Style" against "New York Style." Uh-oh. Who will win?! And what the hell is this epic collaboration going to look like?!

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Still confused? So are we. Watch the video below.