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Billy Reid Spring 2013

A southern flavor runs through everything Billy Reid does.

The Clothes: A southern flavor runs through everything Billy Reid does--and his Spring 2013 collection was certainly no exception. For women, the vibe was a sort of easy southern comfort: There were roomy linen safari dresses and coats, silky shirts and long, loose trousers. Form-fitting double breasted suits and full, pleated calf-length skirts made up some of the more glamorous, fancier looks. A surprising highlight, for me, were Reid's handbags--particularly a white, croc camera bag satchel. The men's side was the perfect counterpoint to Reid's woman: A rugged, southern gent who's unafraid of rocking a double-breasted suit or printed shorts. But even with the more fashion-forward looks (on both the men's and women's side), there was still a feeling of comfort: The blazers were roomier, and the linen trousers and shirts looked lived in.

The Hair & Makeup: Modern southern belle: Hair was softly waved and parted on the side in a glamorous but undone way, and makeup consisted of blush and sweep of brown eyeshadow.

The Soundtrack: Country-blues

The Vibe: At the Eyebeam event space in Chelsea, Billy Reid brings one of the best-looking (and by far the straightest) crowds.

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Photos: IMAXtree