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Boy. by Band of Outsiders Spring 2013

Inspired by The Hunger Games and Battle Royal, Scott Sternberg sent his California girls into battle comfortably at his Spring 2013 show.

The Clothes: Inspired by The Hunger Games and Battle Royale, Scott Sternberg sent his California girls into battle comfortably. They wore white silk jumpsuits with a "war paint" print, jackets with frog clasps over pants with drawstrings at the ankles, long skirts in olive drab, macrame knit vests, and sensible gladiator flats by Manolo Blahnik.

The Hair & Makeup: Stripes of white warpaint under the eyes. Hair was parted way over to one side so it fell over one eye.

The Soundtrack: "Enemy" by Jesca Hoop. The finale was set to "Midnight Rider" and "Melissa" by The Allman Brothers Band. The Vibe: The chillest and chicest battle ground you'll ever come across. Models walked through a fogged up forest of twisted trees.

The Front Row: Mandy Moore, Aziz Ansari, Tyson Chandler

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Celebrity We’d Most Like to See Wearing this Collection: Michelle Williams,

WTF Moment: Talking to Aziz Ansari, Vogue for Kids editor, after the show.

What the designer said: [On the inspiration:] "So it was Hunger Games first, and then Battle Royale. It's the most insatiable premise for a story and it was not a great film but still everyone went in droves to watch it. I wanted a story like that for a show. And if you look at stills from Battle Royale it's the most beautiful movie. So that was the starting point and I just used that as a way into Japan and fabric techniques from Japan uniforms from World War II in Japan and then all these threads of sexy little California girls. It's like making war something beautiful."

And since we heard Sternberg was celebrating his show with karaoke, we had to ask what he sings. "I'm a crooner. I don't like to go too Frank because it bores people, but The Doors, "Melissa" by The Allman Brothers band. That's a good one in my range."