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Clover Canyon Spring 2013

The Clothes: Indie California office-casual meets Reefer Madness Southwest road trip-inspired prints. Cannabis prints. It’s important to start with th
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The Clothes: Indie California office-casual meets Reefer Madness Southwest road trip-inspired prints. Cannabis prints. It’s important to start with that, because they were there, on a white pant suit and crop top/knee-length skirt outfit in the middle of the presentation. It’s weird to think, “Hmm, cannabis leaves are kind of pretty,” but the way Clover Canyon does them, glitterized and Liberace-shiny, deserve some admiration. It looked like they painted cannabis leaves on white, shattered a silver disco ball, and glued all the broken remnants on top to create a mosaic. Even if not as controversial, the other print subjects were just as fun: White muscle cars, surfers at beachside sunset, international dollar bills, Marlboro-style cowboys, and long, winding roads. They were flipped, reversed, paired with crazy paisleys and Aztecs, and accented with the occasional crystal cluster, to create busy eye graphic art prints. By keeping the silhouettes grown-up and pretty structured (blazer-short suits, blazer-tapered pants, button downs, knee length skirts, halter-neck sundresses), the prints avoided looking hokey. The head-to-toe printed suits looked vaguely Balmain-like. Photographers kept gravitating towards this white, diaphanous blouse and pant combo with winding crystal floral embroidery that would please any Mexican rodeo cowboy.

The Hair & Makeup: Clean makeup, and pulled back ponys with a slight rolled back pouf pinned on top.

The Soundtrack: Shazaam failed me here, so I can’t name specifics. Like a rollicking feel-good road trip mix tape made by your best friend.

The Vibe: Fun, relaxed atmosphere at the Box.

The Front Row: Susan Cernek

Celebrity We'd Most Like to See Wearing this Collection: Kristen Stewart and Kirsten Dunst for their “On the Road” press tour, duh. I would also really enjoy it if Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan wore the cannabis crop-top outfit or suit to the next MTV VMAs.

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WTF Moment: One random showgoer who gestured to the model to step off the presentation stage so she could finger her dress. The model and I exchanged mutual “WTF, well that’s weird…” faces. Another showgoer who waltzed in wearing a red, glossy superhero cape and a masquerade mask, with Hello Kitty, Snoopy, and Winnie the Pooh pins. Doesn’t he know that it’s all about Minnie this season?

What the designer said: “So much of Clover Canyon is about the passion of travel, in either modern travel or the thoughts of ancient travel.

In our case, with the collection being themed as ‘On the Road’…we explored the literal landscapes of the southwest, but…always framed it with the traditional paisley and stripes, to get a in-depth composition. We also brought in elements celebrating cars, from the American muscle cars, to the low-rider cars, which is a passion of mine. We incorporated a lot of that into our visual tapestry.”

On the cannabis prints: “We’re always riffing and laughing. We’re taking everything with a good dose of humor. We talk about some of the girls who are reefer smokers. And we said, ‘Let’s take that beautiful leaf and blow it up, and frame it against a disco ball.’ ”

Photos: Alexander Porter/