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Donna Karan Resort 2012 vs. Zac Posen Resort 2013

We were obsessed with January Jones's black Zac Posen gown from the second she stepped onto the red carpet at last night's Emmy Awards. The stripey-sheer frock was a total stunner: Avant garde yet Fashion Police-friendly, a mark the real life Skinny Betty hasn't always made. But for DKNY PR Girl, Jan's dress stood out for a different reason altogether...
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We were obsessed with January Jones's black

Now that she mentions it, the Zac Posen number does look strikingly similar to a whimsical Donna Karan dress Kerry Washington donned at a charity event last year. Carbon copies, the aren't, but it's impossible to deny the obvious shared characteristics, down to the neckline, strap width, and transitional directions of the criss-crossing lines. Side-by-side, Washington's cocktail dress and Jones's dramatic gown could easily belong to the same collection (or have resulted from a Project Runway group challenge). But the fact is, they don't: The Donna Karan dress is from her Resort 2012 collection, while Zac Posen's came one year later.

So is it just a case of great minds thinking alike, or is Zac showing Donna a little too much love?

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