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Fashion Week Scoreboard: Jeremy Scott

If there’s ever a show where you should expect the unexpected, it’s Jeremy Scott. Long a favorite, but never quite the big winner, loyalists to his line include Katy Perry and her stylist is here front row to see just what type of exciting, daring, fashion risks Jeremy is going to show us today. Tyra Banks sits front row as well and spotted on the feet of show goers are plenty of cool, clean, Adidas sneakers creating a singular type of atmosphere that only a man like Jeremy can create. This is NYFW through the eyes of a sports fanatic.
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Lindsey Green is an Olympic and sports obsessive and is writing this bio in the third person. She covered the 2012 London Olympics for

We open right up with what looks like a stunning middle eastern inspired headscarf, it’s striking and gets everyone’s attention right away. One of the highlights of this show is the incredible diversity in the models. Jeremy’s show is without doubt, the most diverse we’ve seen and you know the judges will appreciate that.

Both the men's and women’s fashion fits together nicely, but it appears that the lady models are having incredible difficulty walking in the very very tall, thigh high boots. In fact, it looks to be affecting them walking in a straight line. We’ve just had a very near miss of a model going out of line and walking too close to the audience. All of the walks seem slightly hindered. It’s unfortunately going to be quite a significant deduction in the execution both on the walking side and on the wardrobe side. This could hurt.

The music choice is excellent. It’s giving off a great vibe that really reflects what the models are wearing. And it’s needed as there simply isn’t a lot of personality in this particular venue. There’s some great fashion risks here but also some straight forward pieces, showing some good range. The music shifts again, and the models walk out perfectly in tune, it looks fantastic, but you have to wonder just how much those walking deductions from earlier could hurt this score.

Jeremy certainly has his work cut out for him here. He refuses to play the typical fashion game. Fans know they can always count on him for a big, bold, statements. The judges either love it or hate it and we’ll see if he can sneak up there and perhaps be a spoiler on the fashion week medal stand. It would be great to see someone outside of the usual major players up there.

The models have gone off stage and it’s time for their finale. The pause is bordering on almost too long…oooh, this is going to be close… and here they come! The finale is smooth and sharp, all the models make their rounds and you can really see the fantastic choice in diversity here as they walk together, it makes for a very well rounded show.

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Jeremy himself comes out and does a full runway walk, with a fierce determined look. There were some really great moments here he should be proud of, but certainly a few technical errors and the judges will have to take those into account.

Atmosphere (0-5) – 2.5 Difficulty (0-3) – 3 Execution (out of 10.0) – 8.3 Total – 13.8

Fashion Week Scoreboard 1. Marc Jacobs – 17.5 2. DVF – 16.35 3. Betsey Johnson – 15.75 4. Jeremy Scott – 13.8

See the whole show below and judge for yourself.

Photos: IMAXtree