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Fashion Week Scoreboard: Marc Jacobs

I just sat down at the edge of a rowdy sports bar. Am I here to watch Monday Night Football? NO WAY. I'm here to watch Fashion Week! If there's ever a favorite for the title of Fashion Week Champ--it's Marc Jacobs. Every year he ups his game, takes our breath away, and thrills the crowd. Everyone in this room has to be wondering what does the master have in store for us this time? All those questions will be answered in just mere moments. You can really feel the tension here tonight.
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If there's ever a safe bet for execution, it's that Marc Jacobs will never endure a .2 deduction for starting his show late. In fact it is 8:00pm on the dot and the mirrored doors have opened and models are coming out. The show has begun. The music is loud, bouncing rapidly and echoing off the high ceilings. It doesn't make for the best audio experience, but the show is moving so fast it seems the MJ team is hoping the judges don't have time to notice. The first model walks out and---she's not wearing pants. Now, that's what I like to call: "Taking a risk."

The pounding beats continue as models pour out from the mirrored back wall at lightning speed. There's hardly a single error from any of them. This is the type of clean, well-practiced execution that makes Marc the one to beat. Jacobs takes showmanship to another level. There's nothing warm and fuzzy about this show. Nothing here that makes you want to run up to fashion and give it a giant bear hug. No, it’s as cold and vast as the armory itself but Marc makes you feel it, and you can tell the crowd is with him all the way. The hair however...leaves something to be desired if I do say so myself.

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A few looks in now and we've had a model or two step outside of her tiny little personal spotlight, walking just a little bit too fast for the lighting crew to keep up. This type of error most viewers at home won't even notice, but the judges are watching and they're there to take those oh-so important tenths away. It's enough of an error to say these girls are really feeling the pressure.

They've all gone off stage now in under four minutes of show time (this could be a record) and there's a weighted pause from the audience. The finale will be next and it seems everyone is thinking the same thing "What will he do?" Boy, this will be exciting.

All at once the mirrors open up wide and the models come charging out as a group, breaking the tradition of the finale walk in a single file line! It's exhilarating, and the errors are minor, only a couple of the girls are out of line, or too close to the model next to them, but with this kind of difficulty you have to feel the judges might be kinder on those deductions. We'll have to wait and see. Now, here comes the man himself, Marc Jacobs. This show was as solid as it gets and he knows it. He walks out like a boss, takes a wave and we're curtains down at 8:06. Yowza. Let's check out these scores.

Atmosphere (0-5) - 3.5 Difficulty (0-5) - 5 Execution (10.0) - 9.0

Total Score- 17.5 (Out of 20)

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