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Fashion Week Scoreboard: Proenza Schouler

Certain shows just have that magic touch. If there’s a team that can challenge for the top spot, it’s Proenza Schouler. Not only are they one of the hottest tickets in town, they’re one of the biggest trendsetters amongst the fashion elite. This show could be a big step for them in cementing a Fashion Week Championship. This is NYFW through the eyes of a sports fanatic.
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8:21, Anna puts her sunglasses on 8:21:30, Anna takes her sunglasses off 8:21:35, Anna puts her sunglasses on

Boy, if that’s not enough to really intimidate these models backstage I don’t know what is. These girls know they must perform at their best with Anna sitting front row. Team P-Schouler is likely feeling the butterflies creep in as the show gets closer and closer to starting. They have a real opportunity here with some other shows making mistakes. Can they take advantage and seize the opportunity?

The show begins at 8:27, they are really bringing this down to the wire. There’s a lot at stake here. With Proenza being one of the last shows of the week the expectations could not be higher. The bar has been set very high and they must deliver under this incredible pressure. The benefit to being able to go later in the line up, however, is that you know exactly what you need to score to win and if you’re a scoreboard watcher, it can work to your advantage.

As the music begins it’s tough to tell if it sounds jumpy on purpose or if it’s just this semi slow livestream. The models appear to be working very well with the shorter runway. All of their walks are similar and definitive. So far so good. The crowd is paying very close attention to every detail, clearly drawn in by the clothes and the experience.

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The music changes over to something which sounds like tiny kittens mewing out for help from outer space…really…it’s weird. The intensity is building. This is the type of show you can really feel building to that big finale moment, and that sets Proenza apart. Oh no! We have the first visible error and it’s an unfortunate one. One of the models appears to be walking on what looks like a broken leg, which can only mean one thing…a loose or broken heel. That’s a disappointing error as it could come down to tenths for those top spots. A few moments later we have an early turn from another model. Come on girls. Keep it together now. This crowd is really pulling for them.

The music shifts once more to something sounding more like we’re in Hawaii and less like we’re kittens in space. The tension is thick. I can only image what’s going on in the heads of the team backstage. This is a nail-biter. It looks like the rest of the heels have been secure. This is one of the most creative shows in terms of artistry and design that we’ve seen. If they keep this up, they could come out the winner.

The looks continue to come out at a smooth pace as we’re nearing the conclusion. The show has been bold, it’s been unique and you can tell it’s gotten the attention of everyone watching. The atmosphere of the space is bringing all of the elements together beautifully. This is a very well done production. It’s going to all come down to execution and if there’s enough difficulty.

The finale begins and models are walking out. One or two are slightly out of line but it’s going very well as they make the turn, this is it, the home stretch, they may be able to score a 9 or above for execution…and…OH Oh no! A massive error. One of the models started her finale walk incredibly late--far behind the others. This is a very big deduction and it’s coming right at the very end. All the other girls are already backstage and she is still walking alone as she makes the final turn. Well, that is a disappointing end and it will be the last thing the judges see. It was a wonderful show, but a few unexpected errors could cost them the title.

Atmosphere (0-5) – 5 Difficulty (0-5) – 3 Execution (out of a 10.0) – 8.8

1. Marc Jacobs – 17.5 2. Proenza Schouler – 16.8 3. DVF – 16.35 4. Betsey Johnson – 15.75 5. Jeremy Scott – 13.8