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Glamour's Louise Roe Talks Designing, the Kardashians, and Her New Fashion Star Gig

Glamour ’s Fashion Editor-at-Large tells us about her new womenswear and footwear collection, her new Fashion Star gig, and her love for all things Kardashian and One Direction.


Being state-side for so long [Ed. note: She's been in the US for four years], do you ever fear losing your British accent? It must come in handy at times over here--Americans do love a good British accent! You know, that's something I'm very conscious of. I don't want to lose my accent at all. In fact when I came back from filming in Europe this summer, my mates in LA said I sounded even more English.

You're a wearer of many hats: TV presenter, writer, fashion editor, model. Is there anything that you have yet to delve into, but would love to? Writing a book! I'm half way through one right now.

Can you drop us any hints about the book or what to expect this season on Fashion Star? Fashion Star is just getting going--and I'm so excited! I'm styling myself, so right now I'm getting hold of dream dresses, skirts, heels... it feels a bit rude calling it work, it's more like a dream! The book is an amalgamation of all the helpful, practical and surprising tips I've picked up from my travels and career: fashion, beauty, lifestyle--all the notes I've scribbled over the years are finally being bound into something glossy!

How do you balance everything and keep sane? Do you ever get a chance to shut off and zone-out? Exercise really helps, I do an hour of reformer pilates a day when I'm not filming and love turning my phone off. Carasoin Spa in West Hollywood is also my peaceful place, a lady called Lena there gives the best massages and facials in the world, so I truly relax (and usually fall asleep!).

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What's been the biggest stepping stone or door-opener in your career? I think moving to LA. It was a risk, but I remember my mum once saying, 'So what if it doesn't work out, you come home, and it's no big deal,' and it took all the pressure off.

Is there anything we'd never catch Louise Roe wearing? Dresses with cut-outs on the midriff. There aren't enough sit-ups in the world that could convince me.

In your opinion, what's one thing that can pull any look together? Great, elegant shoes.

What's your guilty pleasure? The Kardashians, gin and tonics, Mexican food.

What's one song that's guaranteed to make you get up and dance? This is absolutely embarrassing to admit, but ever since the VMAs, I'm a One Direction fan. They're like pocket hunks, so cute--and the songs are super catchy!