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Grace Coddington Won't Put Down Her Memoir, Not Even For Fashion Shows

Is she editing the cats chapter?
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Fashion shows seem like a good time to catch up on editing your memoirs, right?

Actually, given the loud music, endless air-kissing, and the, you know, clothes walking down the runway that you're meant to be paying attention to, fashion shows kind of seem like the last place you'd want to hunker down and focus on editing. Unless you're Grace Coddington that is. So, is it laser focus or a sneaky PR move?

The Vogue creative director has been spotted at at least two front rows cradling a mock up of her forthcoming book, Grace: A Memoir. She was clutching it at Donna Karan and at Rag & Bone and she appears to be making notes on it during the show, unless it's secretly full of blank pages and she's just using it as a notebook. So many clever possibilities!

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Regardless of her reasons, we're excited to see the real, physical orangey red (like her hair! And her cat!) thing and can't wait to buy it when it goes on sale November 20!

Click through for two more instances of Grace carrying around that book during fashion week.

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