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J. Lindeberg Spring 2013

The Clothes: Spring 2013 was a seminal season for J. Lindeberg. It marks the first time womenswear has been shown in North America for the brand, and
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The Clothes: Spring 2013 was a seminal season for J. Lindeberg. It marks the first time womenswear has been shown in North America for the brand, and last night's presentation also coincided with the release of a limited edition book (only 70 copies!) photographed by Peter Lindbergh. Thus, there were a lot of eyes on J. Lindeberg's collection last night, and it did not disappoint. For men, the brand continued to evolve its sleek yet playful take on menswear with colorful suits made up of melange knits, breezy moto jackets, and perfectly cut jeans. The look was so concise it made me want to be a dude for a day, just to attain a look so cool and yet put together. For the ladies, there were dress and shorts options in sheer and leather, in a palette of creamy white, black, beige, and orange. A moto jacket with detailing along the sleeves in camel was a dream.

The Hair & Makeup: On guys, a brushed up pouf, and on girls, side parted hair with old-Hollywood waves. Faces were bare and Scandinavian-looking.

The Soundtrack: People talking. There were a lot of people doing a lot of talking, so much so that we couldn't even hear the music.

The Vibe: A rather sedate party with a fashion presentation as the conversation piece.

The Front Row: Olivier Zahm, Peter Lindbergh

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Celebrity We'd Most Like to See Wearing this Collection: Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, so they can get all matchy-matchy.

WTF Moment: The 15 minutes Olivier Zahm spent in the presentation, long enough to snap some pics for Purple Diary and also pick up a blonde girl. Smooth moves, Olivier.

What Malin Oderfeldt, Marketing Director, Says of the Collection: "The whole theme of the collection is 'Sweden from above.' We were inspired by when you sit in an airplane and look down and see the whole landscape. It's all about the cuts, shapes, and colors from nature that were translated into this collection. There is a motocycle inspiration as well for men's and women's, very focused on the details. We like to mix functionality with fashion as well, so we use a lot of materials that won't make you too hot. We also use the melange yarns that have multiple colors in it–you can see this in the green men's suit."

Peter Lindgergh on Shooting the J. Lindeberg book: "I love Times Square, especially the old Times Square! It's very different. I always had the older Times Square in mind, and I thought it would be possible to shoot it all in Times Square and have the old energy. Nobody told me what to do. There were two models, and they were just walking around I would shoot them. They go into the bus and change if they want, come back. I did 180 pictures in one day! Then plan was for 30 pages, and I said, '30 pages is very difficult, I cannot guarantee thirty page. I can guarantee twenty, not thirty.' And then I shot 180!"

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