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Kelly Osbourne To Design a Plus-Size Friendly Line Because 'No One Takes Notice of a Fat Girl in Fashion'

“No one takes notice of a fat girl in fashion," Kelly Osbourne told us. Which is exactly why the starlet may be starting her own plus-size-friendly line.
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When it comes to E!'s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne always seems to keep in real--but in a sweet and upbeat manner. Which really isn't saying much because, let's face it, silver-tongued Joan Rivers could make anyone seem soft and cuddly, right?

Still, we always appreciate what Osbourne has to say on any given celebrities' outfit, so naturally, when we spotted her out and about during NYFW, we couldn't wait to ask her about her own style and body image.

"No one takes notice of a fat girl in fashion," she said of her own weight when she was a teen. And as she continued to rant about plus-sized fashion she accidentally let slip to us that she was coming up with her own fashion line. Read on to get the full scoop.

Fashionista: You've become a style icon over the years, how does it feel to inspire other girls? Kelly Osbourne: My style has evolved because I grew up. People forget that I was fifteen when I started out on The Osbournes and I'm 28 next month. Scary! Scary! So it's just great that over the years I've learned from my mistakes.

Have you ever taken a bad photo? You're so photogenic! Uh...Pre-rehab! [Look at me] pre-rehab and you'll be like what the fuck is that?

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Even then you were so cute! You know I was having fun but no one takes notice of a fat girl in fashion. That's the truth! It's sad. That's why I love women like Beth Ditto who are doing their own clothes. That's why when my line comes out I'll never make anything that won't be translated to plus-size as well. Because everyone deserves to wear fashion.

Wait, so you're going into your own line? I'm not going to say anything about anything!

But, you will? Yes!

Has your Fashion Police co-star Joan River ever given you any fashion advice? She's amazing, she's awesome I love her!

What's one piece of advice she's given you? Fuck everyone!