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Lara Stone's Fast Food Dream Job, Victoria's Secret's Geisha Gaffe, and Proenza Schouler's Seedy Beginnings

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Victoria's Secret is no stranger to scandal in the form of infamous Photoshop fails. This time their transgressions are a little more serious. Who honestly thought this "Sexy Little Geisha" number was a good idea? [Huffington Post]

Brush up on your who's who of famous fashion editors just in time for Paris Fashion Week with Refinery's handy (and beautifully illustrated) guide to the must-know fash personalities. [Refinery29]

Would you a buy Michael Kors's album? Or live in a building designed by Diane von Furstenburg? Fashion designers reveal what they'd do if they weren't designing. [Fabsugar]

Lara Stone dreams of opening a fast food joint, and has the name for it already: Lara's Baps and Buns. We're already envisioning our future pun-filled Yelp review. [Vogue UK]

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