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Here's What Went Down at the Weekend's Hottest Fashion Week Parties

Alexander Wang makes bank, Lil Kim performs at the Opening Ceremony Rager and Carine Roitfeld has a ball.
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We already told you about all of

Alexander Wang:

Alexander Wang's after parties have become legendary among the fashion set and with good reason. There's always a fun, kitschy theme, perfect music, and an impossibly cool crowd that's not afraid let go of the pretense for a sec and have a good time. This season, his fete took place in an old bank near wall street. Bank tellers were replaced by bartenders and party staffers were bank robbers clad in president face masks. Music was loud and '90s, heavy on the hip hop. Die Antwoord and Busta Rhymes gave performances that I sadly left too early to see.

As for the crowd: Within the endless sea of models, we almost didn't recognize a heavily bearded Jared Leto until we looked into those unmistakable Jordan Catalano eyes. Jenna Lyons walked in with Solange Knowles and Courtney Crangi, with whom she looked to be having a really really good time.

Opening Ceremony:

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Usually, Wang's parties get the award for best party of the week but this season it may have to go to Opening Ceremony. I've never had as much fun at a fashion party as I did at the ultra-hip retailer's 10 year anniversary bash sunday night. The soirée was basically an epic tri-level '90s dance party containing every person you've ever met (or fashion person you've ever recognized) in New York. And every party you've been to. OC used Webster Hall's various rooms and floors to recreate iconic New York parties from the past few years, including MisShapes. Nostalgia and free vodka, it turns out, make for a perfect party combination. The evening culminated in a 2am performance by the inimitable Li'l Kim that drove the already-wild crowd even wilder. A memorable (for those who can remember it) evening indeed.

Carine Roitfeld:

Carine Roitfeld threw a very fancy launch party for her new magazine at the Frick. Cover girl Kate Upton was in attendance, as was every model ever.

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Photos: Billy Farrell Agency, Danlly Domingo