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Mindy Kaling's Fake Fashion Week Tweets Are a Hilarious Antidote to NYFW Fatigue

Our pretend BFF Mindy Kaling's hilarious fake fashion week tweets are helping put the funny back in fashion. Seriously, can real fashion week be a little more like this?
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Fashion Week is serious business and with zero sleep and zero downtime, covering a ton of shows and events every day can get a little stressful. But yesterday, comedic actress/our imaginary BFF Mindy Kaling kindly reminded us just how fun fashion could (and should!) be--with a slew of fake Fashion Week tweets that pretty much describe the fashion week of our dreams, 140 characters at a time.

From a sexual romp with Adrien Brody at the Trump Hotel, to getting kicked out of DVF and having her seat stolen by Ryan Lochte at Tory Burch, click through for all of Mindy (with a little help from Aziz Ansari)'s fake fashion week tweets amazingness and get ready to smile big!

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