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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 2

From Peter Som's glossy vision of downtown femininity to the uptown darling Jason Wu's, shall we say, more hardcore fashion fantasy, on the second day of New York Fashion Week there were many looks that set our hearts racing. So who came out on top?

From Peter Som's glossy vision of downtown femininity to the uptown darling Jason Wu's, shall we say, more hardcore fashion fantasy, on the second day of New York Fashion Week there were many looks that set our hearts racing. So who came out on top? Our Report Card has canvassed reviews from major critics and other friends and bloggers, and consensus is that at David Neville and Marcus Wainwright's motocross-inspired show in MiMA, the Rag & Bone designers' message rang out loud and clear: buckle up! Click to see what the fash pack had to say.

Jason Wu Designer: Jason Wu

  • "In this year of 'Fifty Shades of Grey,' Wu made full use of leather." {AFP}
  • "Good girl gone bad — but not too bad." {All The Rage/The Los Angeles Times}
  • "One would imagine that first lady Michelle Obama ... would wear her black-and-white 'ghost print' satin sheath with organza insets sans leather hardware." {The Associated Press}
  • "Jason playfully balanced sexy and sweet." {FabSugar}
  • "Now you see it, now you don't. Sweet and sexy, naughty and nice, black and white. Those are just a few of the dualities that Jason Wu demonstrated along with his range and pure talent at his Spring 2013 runway show." {Fashion Wire Daily}
  • "Dominatrix chic mixed with ladylike lingerie seems to be a theme this season, and Jason Wu was right on trend." {FashionEtc}
  • "The designer played with the contrast between sensuality and innocence this season — and the result was just as naughty as it was nice." {fashionologie}
  • "As steamy as all this may sound, Mr. Wu’s mostly black-and-white clothes (he was inspired by the photographs of Helmut Newton and Lillian Bassman) were refined." {The New York Times}
  • "The point was to play against type; in this case, his." {On The Runway/The New York Times}
  • "Reinforced the things that Jason Wu is

    supreme at: impeccable tailoring, celebrating the female form, and creating evening looks straight out of childhood (and adult!) fairytale fantasies." {Refinery29}

  • "One wonders what these sexually intriguing Jason Wu women were carrying in those bags." {Speakeasy/The Wall Street Journal}
  • "Does the dominatrix shoe fit? Some of the kink did push Wu dangerously beyond his comfort zone. The tailoring, though, was a strength." {}
  • "Wu played with the time-honored conceit of underwear as outerwear, with corset-seamed dresses, and structured undergarments with a mid-century flavor revealed through diaphanous outer layers." {}
  • "The apex of this collection is still the clarity and precision with which he executes it. ... The Wu customer may be many things behind the closed bedroom door, but one thing she’s definitely not is unkempt." { UK}
  • "Consider spring his season of innocence lost, in a way that wouldn’t embarrass his mother." {WWD}

Peter Som Designer: Peter Som

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  • "A light-as-air collection." {AFP}
  • "Refined and youthful." {The Associated Press}
  • "Leopard, graphic '60s prints, and lace bombed in, making for carefully mismatched outfits street stylers will love." {FabSugar}
  • "This girl was all lady complete with matching shoes and bag, infused with a lot of fun!" {FashionEtc}
  • "What really made these looks shine ... was Som's killer sense for color, pattern, and detail." {fashionologie}
  • "Peter Som’s collection had lots going for it. Packed with orchid prints, cotton sateen and poplin, and icy pastels, it had a glossy femininity." {The New York Times}
  • "Som seemed to be testing various ways of approaching cool, like a cat stalking tricky prey — a little street-y cool, a little retro cool, a little ragtag cool, a little hippie cool. To his credit, the clothes worked. Assiduousness goes a long way." {}
  • "The collection mostly caters to that girl on the verge of, not one fully in womanhood. But that’s a clientele Som has made very happy for years and, once again, they won’t be let down." (
  • "A reliable source for girly-girls with a taste for quirk, Peter Som delivered on the frou factor for which he’s known." {WWD}

Rag & Bone Designers: David Neville and Marcus Wainwright

  • "Each look oozed the cool vibe that designers David Neville and Marcus Wainwright have mastered." {The Associated Press}
  • "Each look was deftly balanced in mood, fabric, and shape, never veering into the overly girly or overly sporty." {The Cut/

    New York Magazine}

  • "Full of electric green, cobalt blue and hi-vis coral, the British-born designers produced a collection that every New York City girl will want to be seen in next summer — no small feat, either." {The Daily Mail}
  • "An explosion of modern, sportif greatness." {FabSugar}
  • "All in all, this is a collection for the downtown cool girl Rag & Bone has come to define." (FashionEtc)
  • "A hodgepodge of influences — off-road racing, motocross, prep, sport, and military — expertly layered in the very embodiment of downtown cool." {fashionologie}
  • "While we've always enjoyed its artful mixings and matchings, the simplicity shown for spring was over-the-top refreshing." {Refinery29}
  • "The designers' fluency with the source material galvanized a strong, focused collection." {}
  • "It was a tall drink of water for eyes still blinded by the neon skinnies of the past season." {Thread NY/NBC New York}
  • "A great evocation of a romanticized, and Anglicized, vision of the Dakar car rally, yet which never lost the brand’s usual effortless, urban edge." {}
  • "Wherever she may roam ... the nomadic British expat that serves as omnipresent muse Neville and Wainwright come back to time and again has one thing with her at all times: an unaffected, and utterly contemporary, sense of style." {}
  • "David Neville savvily synthesized those two disparate worlds into a potent cocktail for the contemporary market." {WWD}