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Parke & Ronen Spring 2013

The Clothes: Very minimalist. And by minimalist, I mean not a lot of fabric. Parke & Ronen is primarily a (much beloved) mens swimwear brand who happe

The Clothes: Very minimalist. And by minimalist, I mean not a lot of fabric. Parke & Ronen is primarily a (much beloved) mens swimwear brand who happen to do some cute and quirky sportswear, too. They call themselves a "resort lifestyle brand." Plaid shorts, thin knit cardigans without shirts underneath, and tiny geometric prints all played nicely together. When the swimwear started walking, it ranged from mid-thigh length to "Hey, that guy needs a wee bit of manscaping down there." Parke and Ronen are not afraid to sling a waistband down real low. I loved the colors--everything was really rich and vibrant. Men should wear more color.

The Hair & Makeup: "The trick is to make them look flawless, but you have to make them look like they have no makeup on," the Aveda makeup artist told us. We saw lots of dabbing of concealer happening, from head to toe. Tan lines are apparently a problem when you're talking about teeny garments. Overall, the designers wanted a look that said the guys had been at the beach but now they're going out.

The Vibe: It was Friday night, and we were on Pier 57 in a raw space that opened right onto the Hudson--there was a relaxed almost clubby feel. Sadly no alcohol, but it was still a great way to start a weekend. Overheard on the way out: "I'm all sexually charged up now."

The Soundtrack: The opening song was operatic and led into the Beatles' "Tomorrow Never Knows," but not sung by the Beatles. Also a kick-ass remix of Duran Duran's "Wild Boys."

The Front Row: Half of them looked like they could be male models.

Celeb We'd Most Like to See Wearing It: David Beckham, duh.

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WTF Moment: When I walked backstage there were male models everywhere wearing nothing but tight white boxer briefs. And people were taking pictures of them! If you do that backstage at a women's show, your ass is getting hauled out of there. I inquired of several PR girls if it was OK to take pics...and they encouraged me to do it! So I maybe took kind of a lot of pics of hot guys in their undies. But then I erased them. Most of them.

What the designers said: "This summer we were inspired by British India. Because there's two of us we always come from two different points of view, we're always interested in where opposing things overlap. And we were watching a lot of Downton Abbey and doing a lot of yoga. It kind of made sense." {Ed note: They said they might do a Game of Thrones-inspired collection for winter. I heart them.}

On their swimsuits: "We're known for our fit, so we try to offer a wide variety [of swimsuit styles]. [Our look is] slim, it's tailored, it's flattering--people like it because it makes their ass look good." Parke and Ronen, please do women's suits!

Swag: A tall, beautiful bottle of Smart Water and a protein bar. After a long day of slogging up and down the West Side Highway for shows in the sticky heat, water was ambrosia.

Photos: Gerardo Somoza