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Sofia Vergara Tells Us the Story Behind That Ass-Revealing Emmys Wardrobe Malfunction

We caught up with Sofia Vergara at the preview of her new Kmart line to talk wardrobe, aging, and of course: butt cracks.
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So here's the thing about Sofia Vergara--she's actually much smaller in person that you would expect. Tiny even. I know what you're thinking--how can the larger-than-life knockout with a booty ample enough to literally burst the seams of her Emmys dress be considered petite? How can the TV star who recently told Allure magazine that her natural assets are a 32F, be considered tiny?

It just goes to show how warped Hollywood's view of women is that a gorgeous and naturally curvy--yet petite--woman with her looks could be told at the start of her career she should get a breast reduction to look better on the red carpet. "It's true that many actresses look great [on the red carpet] because they are less voluptuous," Vergara told us yesterday. "But I always joke that they may look better in the dresses and pictures, but I look better naked!"

A sense of humor certainly is not lacking with the Colombian stunner, who admits that she posted her now-famous wardrobe malfunction as 'a funny joke,' with no intention of prompting a media storm.

"We were laughing," she said. "My boyfriend took the picture to show me how bad it was, because I was walking all over the event like that. I almost had a heart attack! I needed it fixed fast because I wanted to be part of the celebration up on the stage. Two women sewed me back in without even taking off the dress because we didn't have time. We were about to win the award!"

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But(t), our meeting yesterday was not to discuss the ass crack seen round the world. She was promoting her latest collection for Kmart. Despite admitting she is not practical whatsoever when getting dressed ("if the shoes hurt I don't care, I suffer"), she explains that her collections are designed to be affordable, versatile and most importantly comfortable. As a bonus, most of the pieces retail for under $60.

It's hard not to see hints of her Modern Family character throughout the range, which includes plenty of loud prints, bright colors and body-conscious fits. This is probably because Vergara pretty much created Gloria's style. "Everybody loved it when we started the show, so I started to bring to the collection some of the same ideas that I brought to Gloria's wardrobe. When she is pregnant she will wear a lot of what you see here. The shirt I wore in last night's episode is from the collection."

Though pregnant on the show, she told Katie Couric on Wednesday that she has no plans of life-imitating-art anytime despite her upcoming nuptials to fiance Nick Loeb. She told us she has yet to even start planning the big day, though she will consider having a seamstress on hand given recent events.

Her recent Emmys win and upcoming wedding aren't the only causes for celebration in Vergara's life: The sultry TV star recently rang in her 40th birthday with a huge party. So how does the ever-honest star feel about aging in this industry? "I would definitely consider plastic surgery," she told us. "A little thing here or there when the time comes. Hopefully by the time I do it the treatments will be even better!"

Something tells us you're not going to need it for a loooong time Sofia!