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Thakoon Spring 2013

He put a bird on it.

The Clothes: Thakoon Panichgul put a bird on it. A progression of birds really: First came silk dresses with a birdcage print, then humming birds were embroidered on stiff cotton shells and skirts, and finally, the models themselves were caged in filigree jacquard over their organza dresses. And when there weren't bird prints on taffeta and organza dresses there was a recurring floral wallpaper print in blue and coral that showed up on knit pullovers over white cotton shirt dresses. Overall, it was a very feminine, sweet collection.

The Hair & Makeup: The hair is hard to describe but here goes: It was parted down the middle and slicked down to a low pony tail. The pony was crimped and poofy and then fastened at the end with another ponytail holder. The makeup was all about a very strong dark brow, rosy cheeks, and nude lips.

The Soundtrack: Orchestral.

The Vibe: The bright white show space felt light and airy. A perfect complement to the sweet collection.

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The Front Row: Christina Ricci.

Celebrity We’d Most Like to See Wearing this Collection: Kiernan Shipka, Dakota Fanning, Emma Watson.

WTF Moment: When a girl next to me said she wasn't "doing the double kiss anymore" because it "took too much time." Oh, fashion people.

Photos: IMAXtree