The 2 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week

It's Versace versus Versus.

Here's one you haven't seen before: Friday's competition for a fashion week honor role spot proved to be

Versus Designers: Christopher Kane and Donatella Versace

  • " The turbo-voiced Beth Ditto provided the show's live cabaret, dressed in Versus: proof that despite what you see on the catwalk, these clothes can be adapted to all shapes, although perhaps not all personalities. A wallflower she ain't." {

    The Daily Telegraph}

  • "Kane injected pure, youthful, undiluted, pulse-racing energy through the spirit of the Versaces. ... It was a fashion happening. The London spirit met the glamour of Milan." {ELLEuk.com}
  • "This collection featured cartoon prints, from large dots to love hearts, and next season's hottest fashion motif--the daisy." {The Guardian}
  • "The Donatella Versace approach is to focus on the namesake line and to let Christopher Kane, as her companion in design on the Versus collection, play with the plasticized fabrics and digital chain prints natural to his generation." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "With the Gossip's Beth Ditto belting her hit 'Standing in the Way of Control' on a perch above the photographers' pit at tonight's Versus shebang, you half-wondered why all fashion shows aren't like this: fast-paced, toe-tappingly upbeat, entertaining, fun." {Style.com}
  • "Sick-clever ... In a collection packed with variety, he dealt with trend after trend, deftly making sense of the sixties for girls whose memories can’t possibly stretch back any further than the nineties." {Vogue.com}
  • "And so began the Versus show, sorry party, actually we're not quite sure what it was but there were definitely clothes and there was definitely Beth Ditto, some backing dancers grinding away and at one point there were highly esteemed members of the fashion pack getting their groove on. Now that's a way to do a show." {Vogue.com UK}
  • "A crazy clash that Kane pulled together with polish." {WWD}

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