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The 2 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 8

And then there were two. The last day of New York Fashion Week was a contest between two American fashion design legends, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein Collection.

And then there were two. The last day of New York Fashion Week was a contest between two American fashion design legends,

Calvin Klein Collection Designer: Francisco Costa

  • "Costa tested the limits of the label's signature minimal style with sharply structured looks ... Conical bustiers and dresses--none as severe as those of Jean Paul Gaultier in the early 1990s that Madonna made infamous--came sleeveless, strapless or backless." {

    Ralph Lauren Designer: Ralph Lauren

    • "It was the 80th runway show for Lauren, a true American fashion design legend, and he celebrated the milestone in style with 61 flamenco-themed looks for next spring and summer in linen, silk, leather and suede." {AFP}
    • "Very thematic, right down to the flat-topped bullfighter hats and toe-tapping music. But there were a lot of pretty pieces nonetheless, and some fabulous bags." {All The Rage/

      Los Angeles Times}

    • "Statement made, Ralph Lauren: Be strong. Be bold. Go on that adventure." {The Associated Press}
    • "Whether it is Downton Abbey (last season), The Great Gatsby (the season prior) or China (last year), his collections become live productions of his chosen cultural idiom - quite literally, they turn into walking cliches." {The Daily Mail}
    • "Pitch-perfect period fantasy-wear like this is Lauren's metier--his last, Downton Abbey-esque collection was so perfectly on the money that he now sponsors the ITV series' American broadcasts--and this trip to the designer's fantasy Spain was just as keenly observed." {The Daily Telegraph}
    • "The rich Catalan colors in sumptuous fabrics, with exquisite embroidery, and bead and fringe details, paired with Lauren’s impeccable tailoring and chic design style, gave the bohemian-Spanish allure a modern and polished appearance." {FashionEtc}
    • "A fervid display of Andalusia chic." {Fashion Wire Daily}
    • "Although the clothes, stripped down to their essentials, and the decorative details like a striped bag or colored beads, were fine on their own, the overall effect was one big cliché." {International Herald Tribune}
    • "Was Ralph Lauren off to tango in Argentina? Run with the bulls in Spain? A Spanish theme arrived in Lauren country on Thursday, complete with serapes and matador jackets. Plainly the King of Seventh Avenue chose to overlook Spain’s economic troubles. All in all, it was a heady, smile-inducing romance." {The New York Times}
    • "Olympic swimmers Conor Dwyer and Ryan Lochte attended the Ralph Lauren show this morning, suggesting all is forgiven over the designer’s production in China of ceremonial uniforms for the athletes this year. But if you thought Mr. Lauren might make a big pro-America statement on the runway, you would have thought wrong." {On The Runway/The New York Times}
    • "If the beginning of the show sometimes felt like a costume drama, Lauren didn't fail to deliver real-life chic." {}
    • "As Ralph Lauren reminded us with his Spanish-themed collection for next spring, credit ratings may rise dramatically and dip perilously, but a country’s culture and heritage stands forever, offering up a rich, beautiful source of inspiration to a designer." {}
    • "Though not perfect--the show ran too long and at times, too literal--the clothes flaunted an unexpected visual bravado, without betraying a bit of the designer’s ethos, and many of them looked great." {WWD}
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