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The 3 Most Buzzed About Shows From Day 3 of London Fashion Week

The penultimate day of London Fashion Week was full of eye-catching looks, from electric bright trenches at Burberry to Peter Pilotto's ecstatically exuberant digital prints. But Report Card knows when it comes to true displays of eccentricity, critics felt Christopher Kane's girl carried the day with her sweet pastels, latex bows, and worm-like appliques all in the mix.

The penultimate day of London Fashion Week was full of eye-catching looks, from electric bright trenches at Burberry to Peter Pilotto's ecstatically exuberant digital prints. But Report Card knows when it comes to true displays of eccentricity, critics felt Christopher Kane's girl carried the day with her sweet pastels, latex bows, and worm-like appliques all in the mix.

Burberry Prorsum Designer: Christopher Bailey

  • "Flamboyant luxury." {The Associated Press}
  • "Everything shone." {The Cut/

    New York Magazine

  • "A rainbow of hues to accent your new trench-a-day regime. Color us happy!" {Daily Front Row}
  • "Remorselessly slick." {The Daily Telegraph}
  • "It was the colour--vivid, luminous, peacock shades (and yes, at one point, even a peacock feathered jacket) that sent the clearest message of change." {}
  • "A glimmering, path-breaking metallic show." {Fashion Wire Daily}
  • "An iridescent story." {Grazia Daily Magazine}
  • "Guests were greeted at the vast marquee in Kensington Gardens by a projected London skyline, in which Burberry's newly opened 44,000 sq ft flagship store on Regent Street featured prominently. And chief creative officer Christopher Bailey's collection was no less bombastic." {The Independent}
  • "Christopher Bailey ... is not satisfied with a front row of famous Olympic medalists and a glamorous and totally wired new store on Regent Street. The designer also wants to be fashion’s Caped Crusader, changing in a moment from provider of sensible clothes for people caught in a British rain shower to the purveyor of a glossy posse of sexy, shiny, metallic outfits." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "Optimistic colors--inky blue, fuchsia, copper, pink, lipstick red--were the centerpiece of a polished, newsy show." {On The Runway/The New York Times}
  • "An ultra-bright, ultra-slick spring '13 collection that was all city and all glam." {Refinery29}
  • "The progressively more elaborate iterations of the classic trench--from purest white through ruched pink and ombréd fuchsia to coppery lace and feathers--should earn the coat an Oscar for versatility." {}
  • "There was something wonderfully human-scaled--old-fashioned, even (and not in a bad way)--about taking the idea of intimacy into the physical, not virtual, realm, with his Burberry Prorsum spring 2013 collection." {}
  • "Molten and metallic, it was rich and luxurious in every sense." { UK}
  • "Christopher Bailey was like a kid in a candy shop, turning out a collection full of intense color and sweetie wrapper shine." {WWD}

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Christopher Kane Designer: Christopher Kane

  • "[A] captivatingly decadent narrative from start to finish." {Daily Front Row}
  • "There was the occasional veer towards the borderline conventional--a fitted slatey dress was decorated by three small-to-big bows down the thorax--but mostly Kane revelled in his mad-scientist scheming." {

    The Daily Telegraph}

  • "This collection, as inspired as it was grown up, as confident as it was beautiful, put Kane on a level with the best. Miuccia and Raf, watch out." {}
  • "Quirky touches added a undeniably unique touch to Kane's feminine assortment." {FabSugar}
  • "A casual observer of Christopher Kane's Spring 2013 show might not believe it was inspired by Dr. Frankenstein's monster--until he or she saw the nuts and bolts holding some of its dresses together, that is." {fashionologie}
  • "This collection was Christopher Kane at his off-kilter finest." {Grazia Daily Magazine}
  • "T[ook] a bow motif, that symbol of don't-frighten-the-horses ladylike dressing, as the starting point for something bold and sculptural." {The Guardian}
  • "Glamorously modern clothes that are conceptual, cool and comfortable." {The Independent}
  • "The kiss of the modern woman is what Mr. Kane bestows on his collections. He has a keen sense of elegance, but also a dark side. This season that contrast was so deftly interspersed with a couture, bow-trim elegance that the result was compelling." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "A truly awe inspiring collection--even by Kane's masterful high standards." {London Evening Standard}
  • "Mr. Kane’s designs often incorporate childlike gestures, but this time they were strictly part of the seductive packaging, and not at the expense of his very grownup, imaginative fashion. ... The clothes had all the lines of sensible classics, but the strange fabric got under your skin." {On The Runway/The New York Times}
  • "Always forward in his fashions,Mr. Kane took everyday items that would be familiar to any young girl and made them into a wardrobe for an urban woman." {Speakeasy/The Wall Street Journal}
  • "As beautiful and sophisticated as the clothes he showed today were, he's happy to drop a tragic, misbegotten monster into the mix. That dichotomy is where his enchantment lies." {}
  • "Genius is in the illogical impulses that drive creativity--and whether the results communicate the kind of electrical impulse in a woman’s brain that tells her, 'Wow. Weird,' and then a second later: 'And I want it.' Suffice to say, Kane’s runway sequence delivered that visceral effect in wave after wave of cleverly sequenced variety." {}
  • "There's no doubting Kane and what he can come up with next--it's a constant surprise and always clever, which is the nuts and bolts, really, of a great designer." { UK}
  • "An unlikely fashion hero--from his neck bolt to his unwieldy footwear--Frankenstein got the full runway treatment, thanks to daring fashion scientist Christopher Kane." {WWD}

Peter Pilotto Designers: Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos

  • "Peter Pilotto's Spring 2013 collection was nothing short of a sensory overload--in the best way possible." {FabSugar}
  • "All the cool kids in London are showing prints, so Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos took the digital imagery they apply to their feminine skirts and dresses one step further and folded them into highly sculptural peplums and other shapes." {fashionologie}
  • "The dynamic print duo set the bar higher and higher every season." {Grazia Daily Magazine}
  • "The impact of the software on these dense visuals is a little like putting reams of statistics into a spreadsheet. The finished product is infinitely more accessible." {

    The Guardian}

  • "The general effect was of a miraculous placement of the fantastic within a manageable wardrobe." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "A pre-coffee/post-party crowd sauntered groggily into the tents, but left with a buzz thanks to the multi-dimensional prints, bedazzling embellishments, and wonderfully in-your-face flounces." {Refinery29}
  • "This was an even richer visual feast than usual, as Pilotto and De Vos pushed their patterns into graphic new territory and combined them in collagelike ways." {}
  • "Those patterns undergo some kind of alchemical reaction with a woman’s body, through being worked into increasingly imaginative silhouettes; the total effect--not just a litany of print motifs--creates the impact." {}
  • "A move forward and an added layer of sophistication made this one of the standout collections of the week so far." { UK}
  • "Competition is intense among purveyors of print in London, and design duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos met that challenge." {WWD}