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The Biggest Stories From NYFW: The Bitch Slap Heard 'Round the Tents, the Truth About Street Style, and Our Guide to Greeting Fashion People

Missed any of the top stories from NYFW? We've got you covered.
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Our illustrated guide to Fashion Week greetings: Should you do the double-cheek European thing or go with a single air kiss? And what about that dreaded limp handshake? We've got you covered.

Someone got a little slap happy at Zac Posen: And in turn, got slapped back with a little $1 million lawsuit. Lesson learnt? Don't f*ck with French people! Or PR girls for that matter.

"Want to be the best blogger you can be? Rachel Zoe, Lauren Conrad and others in-the-fashion-know shared their wisdom with fashion bloggers at Lucky's Blogger Conference--and we're sharing it with you.

Mindy Kahling's Fake Fashion Week Tweets: Our dream BFF remedied our Fashion Week Fatigue with her humorous and witty ways... and not only because we were a little delirious and dizzy at the time. Honest!

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