The Most Buzzed About Show From Day 4 of Paris Fashion Week

In case you hadn't heard, Dior. Is. Back. Friday there really wasn't a candidate for salutatorian, as all buzz was droned out by the roar of support from critics for Raf Simons's New New Look--a sensually minimalist take on maximalist femininity.

In case you hadn't heard,

Christian Dior Designer: Raf Simons

  • "Nipped waists, flared hips and delicate pleats: Dior's new designer Raf Simons on Friday offered up all the ingredients of the house's iconic silhouette, reworked for a 'sensual' 21st century woman." {AFP}
  • "Freedom was at the heart of Raf Simons’ outing for Dior--a confident show that twinned the essence of the 1950’s 'New Look,' with the liberated hemlines of the 1960s." {The Associated Press}
  • "These designs were a clear answer to those who wondered how much Simons would carry over his Jil Sander minimalist aesthetic to his new position. Yes, he kept a toehold in that camp ... But the majority of the collection would hardly qualify as minimal." {The Cut/

    New York Magazine}

  • "Simons acquitted himself well with this collection; he left his audience wanting to see more." {The Daily Beast/Newsweek}
  • "It was fun and sensuous and also elegant and extremely desirable. A year ago everyone said that resurrecting Dior was an impossible task. Now it looks immenently feasible." {The Daily Telegraph}
  • "Raf knows how to excite, but it's not for show either; it's modern and wearable, giving Dior a contemporary edge that hasn't been there for a long time." {FabSugar}
  • "Get thee ready for the era of sensual minimalism courtesy of Christian Dior." {Fashion Wire Daily}
  • "Raf Simons has just sent out a debut ready-to-wear collection that proves his super-human ability to stay true to himself even with the pressure of extreme expectations." {Grazia Daily Magazine}
  • "Dior served first--and aced it, setting up a mouthwatering contest which won't be decided until late on Monday when the YSL show takes place." {The Guardian}
  • "From its brilliant reworking of statement dressing to the youthful vigour of contemporary daywear this was a collection that any woman worth her credentials will love to wear." {The Independent}
  • "It wasn’t enough to hear Robert De Niro drawl from behind his beard: 'I liked it.' Nor for the supermodel Natalia Vodianova to spread an enchanted red-lipstick smile at the end of the Christian Dior show on Friday. It was the roar that went up backstage behind the wafting pastel curtains, echoing the clapping in the graceful interlocking salons, that proved the designer Raf Simons had exceeded all expectations." {International Herald Tribune}
  • "Simons rewrote the codes of French design for a new generation with a collection that was all about color, movement, lightness and legs." {Los Angeles Times}
  • "Mr. Simons’s Dior show was a fantastic treat because he knew what he wanted to achieve and he did it with precision." {The New York Times}
  • "His debut at Dior on Friday was so exhaustingly spectacular that the faces of guests looked strained from taking it all in." {Speakeasy/The Wall Street Journal}
  • "The Schubert piece that was playing as invitees entered the huge, purpose-built salons where Raf Simons showed his first ready-to-wear collection for Dior today ... was the first sign that the designer was about to impress his personality on the massive edifice that is Dior. Where Galliano achieved the same thing by amping up the house till it matched his own delirious, romantic, saturatingly sensual historicism, Simons took a long, cool look at the heritage and found the strictness, the rigor, and a different kind of sensuality." {Style.com}
  • "He rose quietly and elegantly to the challenge of reinterpreting Dior’s bravura signatures, such as those dramatic seasonal changes of 'line,' the refinement and sophistication of technique (some of them Victorian revivals), and the lavish fabrications and embellishments--in a way that remains potent and enticing for a twenty-first-century woman." {Vogue.com}
  • "This collection--a resounding success--was full of what looked like little chapters, but ones with a clear vision at the end of them: namely that Simons was a very good choice for Dior." {Vogue.co.uk}
  • "By 3:15 or so on Friday, Bernard Arnault and Sidney Toledano must have been feeling pretty good about themselves. They had just watched Simons thrust Dior into a place it hasn’t been in some time, a place where clothes count as more than foils around which to continue the global expansion of accessories and beauty businesses. These clothes were exquisite, with that Holy Grail-fusion of currency and cool." {WWD}

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