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Thom Browne Spring 2013

The entire show consisted of WTF moments... and we loved every minute of it.
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The Clothes: As usual, Thom Browne put on a show. Meaning, it was about way more than just clothes. Still, you can't accuse the designer of putting more effort into presentation than the collection itself. The clothes were incredible. Perfectly preppy plaids, ginghams, whale prints, seahorses, floral motifs and stripes covered surreal, sculptural-yet-feminine silhouettes that you can't really wear save for a few pieces, but want to look at forever. Looks were either grey, black and/or white, or candy-colored, with little in between. The sea was clearly a point of reference. Some pieces appeared to be covered in starfish and adorable seahorses added lots of charm to others. Many hemlines resembled waves. At times, models looked like actual sea creatures. And the final look, a gown, had to be walked--yes, walked--with a leash of sorts attached to the hem. It was mind-blowing.

The Hair & Makeup: Creepy. Pale white faces, dark blue eyes and lips. Models wore hair pieces that contrasted with the color of the models' actual hair, as huge '50s-esque buns on the tops of their heads.

The Soundtrack: Also creepy. According to Tim Blanks, the show was scored by Krzysztof Penderecki whose music also gave creepiness to films like The Exorcist and The Shining. The show ended with Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights." Somehow, it all worked.

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The Vibe: My first thoughts as the presentation came to an end were: "I'm really freaked out." And then, "I feel like I should have paid money to see that." It was amazing! Like, I want to go again. I felt like I was in someone's fucked up dream. Male models in blue lipstick and metallic beehives on their heads escorted the ladies to rotating op art discs and spun them around while ballerinas in bell-like tutus and striped tights danced en pointe in the background. All in a big old room at the New York Public Library. It was surreal, beautiful, terrifying and hilarious all at the same time. Thank you, Thom Browne, for existing--and for doing something different.

Celebrity We'd Most Like to See Wearing this Collection: Um, all of them?! But since that wouldn't happen... Tilda Swinton?

WTF Moment: The entire show was a constant series of WTF moments.

Photos: IMAXTree