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Tracy Reese Spring 2013

The Clothes: Kind of edgier for the womenswear designer, who is a go-to for ultra-wearable and super flattering feminine pieces. Reese played with “ju

The Clothes: Kind of edgier for the womenswear designer, who is a go-to for ultra-wearable and super flattering feminine pieces. Reese played with “juxtaposition” for the upcoming collection – constructing loose and flowing ensembles from hues that otherwise might not match, but totally did. Colors were inspired by “foliage”, so lots of punchy citrus, cool blues and earthy tones. She also incorporated digitized prints reminiscent of techno-color radio waves. Reese experimented with mixed textures in single pieces– like perforated leather and linen baggy vest – and entire outfits, like a blousy sequined tank with a brightly-colored and intricately beaded skirt. The 90s were also in the house: baggy cocoon coats (but with vintage-y floral prints), loosely cropped leather pants (read, forgiving) and hello – updated harem pants.

The Hair and Makeup: Backstage before the show, makeup guru Mally Roncal gave a demo on the sexy, smudgy smoky “ombre effect” heavy eye, the heavy dark Brooke Shields-reminiscent brow and a glossy, naturally-flushed pink lip. (Which Tracy Reese later wanted less flushed, telling one of the makeup artists, “I think we can still go a little softer on the lip. The goal of the lip was to be more nude.” Hey, don’t argue with the boss.) The front of the hair was gelled up for some height and the extreme side part slicked back to give more – hey – juxtaposition to the natural loose waves that dramatically blew back as the models strutted down the catwalk.

The Music: Punked out dancey beats with some 90s influence – I heard a riff rom “Head Like a Hole”, the classic Nine Inch Nails track mixed in.

The Vibe: Probably due to "the dress", you could just feel the excitement in the room. Plus, the designer always gets such a warm reception from her friends and family seated near the entrance of the runway.

The Front Row: Lauren Conrad, Shanae Grimes, Odette Annable and Louise Roe.

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What the Designer Said: "We’re juxtaposing really cool textiles: technical and organic and the silhouettes and the stylings: sporty and feminine. There’s a lot of ease to the collection it’s very comfortable. There’s more sportswear, more layering because we really wanted to be able to mix these textiles in these outfits and sometimes you can’t do it all in a dress. We’re doing a lot of really cool mash-ups. Mashing different prints together different embellishments, different embroideries mixed together in garments. So it’s just a really cool mix, there’s a little bit of tribal influence, not heavy, but just a little zing to it so it’s just very relaxing, groovy."

Celeb We’d Most Like to See Wearing It: More Michelle Obama (albeit with a lower hemline), Diana Agron and Kate Middleton, who could mix it up with her classic pieces and simultaneously promote US-Anglo relations.

WTF Moment: Not so much a WTF moment, but a “yeah, we kinda figured” scenario when we asked Shenae Grimes what scintillating conversation went on between her and Ryan Lochte at the Rebecca Minkoff show. Apparently, he updated her on shooting his 90210 cameo (which she was absent for) and if you’re wondering if he worked his catchphrase "Jeah" into his appearance, think again. “I don’t know, I don’t think so,” Grimes said. “If he did it was probably like ‘mmmm hmmm’. Confused.”

Photos: IMAXtree