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Versace Goes '70s Cali Cool for Spring 2013

Donatella Versace doesn't do sexy in a subtle way--and Spring 2013 was no exception.

The Clothes: Donatella Versace doesn't do sexy in a subtle way--and Spring 2013 was no exception (even though apparently Donatella told WWD before the show that this was her take on subtle). There were see-through lacy garments and, of course, finale gowns with plunging necklines.

The first looks consisted of lacy, see-through tops-and-bottoms in nude or black--a lingerie touch. Improbably, they had a kind of business casual vibe to them: Many were topped with black blazers, and tough-looking black belts. The accessories--black knee-high gladiator sandals (which are definitely a thing this season) and smart black clutches--also kept the look grounded. The collection later transitioned into more intrinsically Versace territory--that is if Versace had a party at a Fleetwood Mac concert in California in the '70s. Tiny crinkly black lace slip dresses and tie-dyed mini-frocks in blue, orange and pink. Two gold hardware-embellished minis particularly screamed Versace to me. But my favorite looks were the last: Dresses in a dusty gold palette adorned with shiny, metal fringe that swayed hypnotically as the model moved on the runway.

The Hair & Makeup: Hair was long and lose and eyes were seriously smoky.

The Soundtrack: A random mash-up of different hit songs and genres: The Sugarhill Gang's 'Rapper's Delight' and Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' both somehow got airtime.

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The Vibe: Two trees, blooming with gardenias, broke up the runway.

Celebrity W'd Most Like to See Wearing It: Jennifer Lopez.

WTF Moment: One poor model had to walk the length of the runway with her boob out.

Photos: Imaxtree