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We Break Down the Top 10 Trends from the Emmys Red Carpet

While we're pretty sure that the Hollywood stylists didn't all get together and decide that highlighter yellow and "sexy mermaid" would be the themes of the evening, that's totally what happened. From sultry eye makeup, to post-breakup cleavage on display, to $2 rings for babies, click through to see the top trends from last night's Emmys.

If you're anything like us, you spent last night reclining on your couch with a glass of wine in one hand and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s in the other getting ready for the awesomeness that is the Emmys. Oh, we don’t mean the actual awards; although we’re sure they were great--that whole Tracy Morgan fainting stunt? Yeah...No. We're talking about

Extra Large Hair Ashley Judd, Connie Britton and Zooey Deschanel all went extra crazy with the teasing combs last night. We shudder to think about the condition of the ozone layer last night with all the hairspray that was surely required to maintain those 'dos. Also, why, Tami Taylor, why?

Highlight It Redheads and blondes in yellow?! The unthinkable happened and they all somehow look fantastic.

Divorce Cleavage Bye-bye boys, hello "girls"! Heidi Klum and Amy Poehler, both recently separated, shook off their recent marital woes and showed off their assets.

Unavoidable Cleavage Not to be outdone, Kat Dennings and Chrisitina Hendricks want everyone to know that their cleavage is worth a look or two (or three or four, because, really, how can you not?).

Would You Like a Glass of Wine With That? It's one of fall's major trends--not to mention flattering on pretty much everyone--so it's no surprise that wine/burgundy/oxblood/eggplant made a strong showing on the non-trendy, plain red carpet.

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Toy Box Jewelry Both Melissa McCarthy and Amy Poehler mentioned that they were wearing jewelry given to them by their kids (aww!), straight out of their toy boxes and dress up bins. Don't they look fantastically sparkly? Why do stars bother with borrowing real fine jewelry? The viewers here at home can't even tell the difference!

Blingy Nail Art First of all, how awesome is E!'s new "mani cam?" While we were a little bit disappointed in Lena Dunham because she was supposed to be

Sexy Mermaids When you try to go up against

Smoke In Your Eyes: Smokey eyes are always a strong makeup statement, and these--as seen on Kelly Osbourne, Lena Dunham and January Jones--really nailed home the message: "We are sultry, damn it." Lena needs to up her smize game though.

Unrecognizable Game of Thrones Queens:

Hail Khaleesi! Hail Cersei!! Hail…your stylists! The leading ladies from HBO’s break out hit Game of Thrones have undergone some sort of witchcraft, transforming them from blonde medieval fantasy royalty, to raven-haired stars of the red carpet.