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10 Fashion-Themed Costume Ideas To Try This Halloween

Here are some of our (super easy) suggestions for being a Halloween style star, on the street and in the party, with inspiration from some of our favorite fashion icons (yes, you, Choupette):
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Fashion doesn't sleep--not even on Halloween!

I mean if you think The Man Repeller's

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The Inspiration: One of fashion’s most legendary love stories: Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette. Try not to

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The Inspiration: You can’t hold Betsey Johnson down. Celebrate the resilience of one of fashion's most beloved personalities with this festive costume. Don’t forget to do cartwheels all night long!

The Formula:

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The Inspiration: Bill Cunningham: The OS--that is, the original street style photographer, whom “we all get dressed for,” according to Anna Wintour.

The Formula:

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The Inspiration: Andy Warhol (ahem,

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The Inspiration: Everyone’s newest guilty pleasure (and

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The Inspiration: Gangnam Style! I already know of three guys planning to be Psy this year--meaning it's officially a trend!

The Formula: • The

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The Inspiration: Your most precious accessory as... your most precious accessory. I saw this Chanel 2.55 bag kiddie costume on Pinterest, as did thousands of others who promptly re-pinned it. Equally as amazing and adorable is the most coveted bag of all: The Hermes Birkin--on an adorable child.

The Formula: No idea. But the original crafty blogger who created

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The Inspiration: Fashion’s favorite athlete and potential fashion designer: Ryan Lochte. As the only one of us that has

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The Inspiration: Couples costume alert! Kimye--the moniker for supercouple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, duh-- is hotter and more monochromatic than ever. The only rules for dressing like this celeb pair? Leather, chains, and no kolors.

The Formula:

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The Inspiration: Ok, so this one's more of a DIY--but one of the easier, more creative ones! Have your own fashion grievances? Let them out with this Hedi Slimane-inspired costume: An open letter! Cut holes in the pillow case for your arms and head. Address the "envelope" to EVERYONE, return address 'YSL,' and put on lots of stamps. Bonus points if Lady Gaga tweets about it.

The Formula:Fabric paintwhite pillowcaseLots of stamps