5 Types of Fashion Jobs That Didn't Exist 5 Years Ago

Today, Vogue announced that Sally Singer had been named creative director, digital, a newly created position. The appointment is an example of how the internet is creating a new job landscape--even within the fashion world.

Yesterday, Vogue

Social Media Manager/Coordinator/Strategist Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube...did we forget any? Managing social media accounts and engaging audiences can easily be a full-time job. No wonder then that most sizable fashion companies, from Barneys to Chanel to Condé Nast, all employ someone specifically to handle each of these platforms, thereby creating an online voice for their company and sharing new products/articles/events with customers or readers.

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Online Content Creator (for a brand) As we wrote about last week, editorial content is no longer relegated to blogs, magazines or news sites like this one. Another way for brands to develop and expand their voice is to produce their own original content. This is why everyone from Shopbop to Tory Burch to Rag & Bone to Target has some sort of blog and/or online content being updated daily. And what makes these jobs particularly attractive is that brands tend to have a lot more money than blogs and magazines.

Digital PR Yet another way the internets are changing the fashion job landscape. Over the past few years, online outlets have dramatically increased both in quantity and influence. And the more we do, the more we have PRs emailing us about what words to use when referring to a certain brand (we kid--sort of).

Truth be told, the fact that super important agencies and companies like PR Consulting, KCD, Burberry and Nordstrom all have at least one person whose job it is to work with us online peeps feels like a nice nod of respect and acknowledgement of the online world's undeniable influence and legitimacy. It's also important because shorter, nearly nonexistent lead times require a totally different PR approach.

Fashion Tech Startup Founder Thanks to the internet--and a community of venture captitalists and investors trying to get in on it--you can totally just be your own boss and start your own thing! Ok, so it might not be that easy but a lot of people are doing it and finding success. If you have a really good idea, a strong fashion backround, a strong work ethic, and someone to give you money, you could surely start the next Of a Kind or Warby Parker or Moda Operandi.

Sustainability Expert This one isn't quite as related to technology or the internet. But as environmental concerns grow, many companies are taking a closer look at how they produce their product, as they well should. Of course, some of them just claim their production practices are "eco-friendly" without much to back it up. However, others have hired sustainability managers--experts whose sole job it is to ensure a company is doing whatever they can to use the most eco-friendly methods and fabrics possible.