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Alessandra Ambrosio Would Wear Victoria's Secret's $2.5 Million Bra Every Day If She Could

During a tea party yesterday (yes, really), the Angel said that surprisingly enough, there was no debate (or model cat fight) to decide which Victoria's Secret model would don the Fantasy Bra this year.
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How better to celebrate this year's Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra, aptly dubbed the "Floral Fantasy," than with a garden-themed afternoon tea party? Held yesterday at the lux Upper East Side Hôtel Plaza Athénée, the private viewing of the multi-million dollar push-up was an intimate affair--and we were lucky enough to snag a seat at the rose-petal laden table, where we munched on more scrummy macarons and chocolate-dipped strawberries than we feel comfortable admitting.

Across from us sat Alessandra Ambrosio, who, for the first time, has been awarded the honor of wearing the heavily bejeweled undergarment during the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. After Instagramming the table setting within an inch of its life and pretending to sip our fancy jasmine tea (I have an embarrassing and irrational fear of hot drinks), we sidled up to the Angel for a little Q&A about her fantasy come true.

So how did Victoria's Secret deem Ambrosio the right girl for the job this time around? Was there campaigning? Some kind of moderated debate between Ale and Erin Heatherton? A binder full of Angels? "I have no idea how they choose it," Ambrosio told me, "I just know that I've been chosen, and I'm very happy. I feel very lucky." As for how she'd style the Floral Fantasy gift set off the runway, Ambrosio feels that anytime is the right time to don $2.5 million on one's bosom: "If I got this as a gift, it would probably be the only bra I would ever wear. I would be wearing it right now... with, like, my dress open!"

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Though we can't quite picture the London Jewelers-designed lingerie popping up in a gift bag anytime soon, there may be hope yet for Ambrosio--in the form of a coordinating bedazzled Bombshell Fantasy Fragrance bottle, also on display at the par-tea. At only $500K a pop, Victoria's Secret is practically giving that stuff away! Guess they don't call it a "fantasy" for nothing...