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Update: American Apparel Spares Model from Photoshop Disaster, the Horse Was Not As Lucky

Usually it's models' bodies that get the photoshop treatment, but as this recent American Apparel flub proves, not even animal's bodies are safe from overzealous retouchers. Maybe the retoucher was just a big Godfather fan.

Usually it's

Update: Well, color us surprised--nay (ha!), shocked. Turns out the horse's body was not a victim of photoshop after all.

American Apparel's creative director Iris Alonzo was kind enough to get back to us to explain that it's merely the angle and cropping of the image that makes it appear as if the horse's body was not there. And she attached the original, un-color corrected image as proof. Who would have thunk it?

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The case of the missing horse's body has been closed. Thank you American Apparel for helping to solve the mystery.