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Anne Slowey, Kate Lanphear and Anne Christensen Were Reportedly Turned Down for that WSJ EIC Job

Yesterday, we reported that Kristina O’Neill, formerly of Harper’s Bazaar, would be replacing Deborah Needleman as editor-in-chief of WSJ. And today, WWD has a little more dirt on the subject--namely, who was passed over for the coveted position.


WWD also has more information about what T will look like under the helm of Deborah Needleman. Basically, all of the demands that Needleman reportedly asked for were granted by the magazine. T is dropping to 13 issues a year, and will be redesigned to be more general interest. WWD speculates that this might put The Times' weekly Sunday mag in a bit of a jam, in terms of getting advertisers, but a spokeswoman for the paper said, "We think there are different advertisers interested in each brand."

We guess time will tell.

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