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Beauty MacGyver: Unconventional Tips & Tricks From the Runway

Hair and makeup artists got very creative on the spring 2013 runways this month.

Makeup artists and hair stylists have tons of things in their bag of tricks for making models at fashion shows look gorgeous, other-wordly, or downright odd, depending on the demands of the designer. And while they have access to some of the most cutting edge tools and products, occasionally they need to think outside of the makeup kit--so to speak--to achieve a desired look.

This season, makeup and hair artists have been practically MacGyver-like, using traditional beauty products, as well as unconventional tools, in weird ways to fulfill a creative impulse. Just a few of the things we’ve seen: lipgloss as an eyeliner (eww, sticky), ground glass as nail art, and electrical tape as hair ornamentation.

Read on for some of the most interesting and wacky beauty tools we’ve seen this fashion month--maybe they'll help you think twice about products that can do double-duty!

Gucci Artist: Luigi Murenu What: Flattened hair extensions used as hair ties.

Murenu used real-hair extensions that were cut at a slant, then flattened them using a flatiron and gel, according to Allure. Low nape buns were wrapped with the extensions as a “tie,” with the slanted, flattened ends loosely pointed up or down, as an architectural, origami-like detail.

Our take: A perfect use for all that left-over hair you have lying around, Miley!

Fendi Artist: Peter Philips What: Neoprene strips cut from a bathing suit used as eyeliner

Using the actual fabric from the collection, Philips cut tiny pieces of orange, black, and blue neoprene from a rolled up bathing suit, according to Vogue. He used eyelash adhesive to painstakingly apply them across the lower lashline.

Our take: Finally, a use for all those faded, stretched out bathing suits cluttering up our bottom drawers. Unlimited eyeliner!

Donna Karan Artist: Charlotte Tilbury for MAC What: Lipliner as eyeliner, eyeliner as mascara

Tilbury created a non-contagious pink eye by rimming the eyes in a Magenta lipliner and then individually coloring the lashes using Chromaline in Process Magenta.

Our take: While the color isn't our fave, we like the idea of using a purple or blue eyeliner we have sitting around rather than buying colored mascara. Because who has ever used up an entire tube of colored mascara?

Vera Wang Artist: Paul Hanlon for Frederic Fekkai What: Turbans constructed out of hair.

For an elegant take on weathered hair, Paul Hanlon created a “fabric-like” hair texture to build the turban updo. Hanlon began by prepping the hair with Fekkai Strong Hold Volume Mousse, powder drying, and back-combing from roots to end. The Fekkai team then straightened the hair and sprayed it with Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray. Splitting the hair into two sections, Hanlon crossed two sections of hair over each other at the front of the head. He then wrapped sections of hair around the head, pinning underneath.

Our take: Because buying a turban is even more ridiculous than buying colored mascara--just construct one out of your own hair!

Alexander Wang Artist: Guido Palau for Redken What: Electrical tape as a hair accent

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If our world ever becomes a post-apocalyptic wasteland, this is the look I want to be rocking (flowy beachwaves are much better suited for modern day civilization.) Palau created a simple low pony and added a strip of tape (in black or white) down the center-parted hairline, so that it extended slightly onto the forehead.

Our take: Also perfect for those stubborn fly-aways.

Blumarine Artist: James Pecis for Moroccanoil What: Using playing cards to hold hair still.

Pecis used playing cards to keep hair flat until the girls were ready to walk.

Our take: Just don't forget to take the cards out of your hair. Although it does look kinda cool...

Felder Felder Artist: Adam Reed for Sebastian What: Toothbrush as hairbrush.

Inspired by ‘70s Cher, Adam Reed used small, natural bristle toothbrushes to distribute Sebastian Professional Shiner Crafter through the hair. The toothbrushes were fine enough to prevent static, comb marks and keep the models’ hair smooth while taming flyaways. Reed also clipped flat playing cards alongside the model’s crown to keep hair smooth and frizz-free until the show started.

Our take: Please keep your hair toothbrush and the teeth toothbrush separate. Under no circumstances should they be one and the same.

The Blonds Artist: Kristina Estabrooks for CND What: Ground glass as nail art

It was an under-the-sea theme at the Blonds this season, and Estabrooks used real ground glass on nails to look like the reflection on the water.

Our take: Please be very, very careful if you attempt this. #disclaimer

Chanel Artist: Peter Philips for Chanel What: Hair oil as a skin moisturizer

Confirming our belief that oil is the new texture of the moment Philips mixed in hair oil with foundation, for a glossy, body defining glow. (Thanks to Eva Chen for tweeting this tidbit.)

Our take: We're assuming that less is more with this technique. A mixture of hair oil and foundation can get real gloppy real quick.

Theyskens Theory Artist: James Kaliardos of MAC and Odile Gilbert of Kerastase What: Blush as eye shadow, lip gloss as eyeliner, a DIY-formula of conditioner and water as a texturing spray.

For a romantic grunge look, Kaliardos used the pinky Poised blush as an eyeshadow and Summer Sweetheart lipglass (from the future MAC Archie collection) along the lower lashline. To create “Theyskens Twins,” a look inspired by the designer himself, Gilbert used an alchemic mixture of Nectar Thermique conditioner and water on short, shoulder-length wigs to create a textured, flat-ended bob.

Our take: Perfect information to know before gathering all the pieces you need for that Olivier Theyskens Halloween costume.