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Can You Pick Out All the 80s Pop Icons from Jean Paul Gaultier's Show?

Eighties pop icons were the muses for Jean Paul Gaultier's show. How true was he to the orginals? See for yourself.

Jean Paul Gaultier isn't one to shy away from a themed fashion show--especially devoted to musicians--and he usually fully commits. His show for spring was no exception, and it may be one of our favorite ever. Unlike his

Grace Jones:

Part android, part human, Grace Jones was a muse to many in the 80s. Her penchant for strong shoulders (see:


"Borderline," Desperately Seeking Susan, fishnets stockings used as hair ties--not to mention, Madonna was the originator of the arm party. She was so fucking cool in the 80s.

More Madonna:

Jessica Stam looks eerily, creepily exactly like Madonna here (center). Is it the eyebrows? Something.

Annie Lennox:

Doing androgyny like no one else.

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Madonna circa "Blonde Ambition:"

Well, this is meta. Jean Paul Gaultier, of course, introduced the cone bra to the world on Madonna's bosoms during her Blonde Ambition tour. And that high ponytail? Cheerleaders around the world still wear that.

Michael Jackson:

Boy George:

I mean, Karlie Kloss is Boy George here. I don't think she should have any problems with a Halloween costume this year. And Liu Wen tweeted: "I was Asian @BoyGeorge at @JPGaultier tonight!" Both amazing looks.

David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust:

Ziggy Stardust has obviously


From the eyebrows to the sleek hair and signature hoops, Joan Smalls and company are total "Smooth Operators."

Click through to see all the looks from the JPG show, which also randomly included an homage to Jane Birkin and what we think is Abba.