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Check Mates at Louis Vuitton

It was a mod, graphic collection from Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, with a specatucular set, as we've come to expect from the house.

Only Marc Jacobs can make the fashion pack show up on time. While most shows run, on average, 20 minutes to an hour late, Marc Jacobs's shows start exactly when they say he will--to the second. A press release even went out the night before Louis Vuitton's spring show asking everyone to show up half and hour before the scheduled start time at 10am which we figure is the equivalent of lying to your chronically late friend about when you're supposed to meet up, and factoring in her tardiness.

At 10 a.m. on. the. dot. Marc Jacobs's spring show for Louis Vuitton began. By 10:08 it was over. Here's what went down (the escalators).

Photos: Getty/Imaxtree

The Scene: You never know what to expect when you walk inside the tent at the the Cour Carree Du Louvre. Last season it was

The Front Row: Berenice Bejo, Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman, Natalia Vodianova

The Hair and Makeup: Swinging sixties with a modern twist. Hair was a backcombed messy mini-beehive all held together with a prim, ladylike hair bow. Eyes were heavily lined on the lower lid, with a pinky copper shadow providing depth on the upper lid. Face and lips were bare.

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The Clothes: The clothes seemed like a more feminine, more conservative continuation of

The Vibe: A voice over track spelling something out (I have no idea what) played throughout the tent as guests filed in. The soundtrack stayed pretty abstract throughout the show even if did become more musical.

When the show started, models descended onto the runway via escalator in pairs. They walked so close together and were so in sync they almost seemed connected. It was a neat visual trick--very compelling to watch.

For the finale, every model pair came down the escalators together until they filled the whole runway, resembling, I imagine, Buren's columns.

Marc Jacobs made a longer appearance at the end of his show than he normally does because he had to make it down the escalator. But in a slim black suit (no skirt!) and sneakers he ran down and back with lightning speed.

Click through to see the entire collection.

Photos: Getty and Imaxtree