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Delfina Delettrez On Her New Collection and Finding Inspiration In Her Daughter's Toys

Deflina Delettrez's jewelry always leaves us with our jaws hanging open--and her latest collection is no exception.

Deflina Delettrez's jewelry always leaves us with our jaws hanging open. Season after season she manages to churn out the most inventive, imaginative, slightly twisted creations.

She's calling her new spring collection "infinity" because it incorporates reflective materials to create optical illusions. A pearl nestled in silver hardware on a bracelet looks like three pearls after it's reflected. And if these new pieces kind of remind you of the building blocks you played with as a kid, that's because Delettrez was inspired by the childlike wonder she sees in her daughter Emma. They play with building blocks together a lot.

We checked in with Delettrez to get more details about her latest collection and find out what crazy unexpected thing is inspiring her right now.

Fashionista: What's new about this collection? Delfina Delettrez: This is the introduction of colored rubber into my work - I wanted to elevate an everyday material into luxury. I also wanted to play with optical illusions, resting pearls and rubies in resin and playing them off of the reflective surfaces of the metal so that they multiply as they would in a hall of mirrors.

How does your daughter inspire you? She inspires me every day. We always play together, and I love to observe her with her toys that are smart, functional, and brightly colored. My favorites are her building blocks and her little chemistry set.

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What's fascinating you right now? Magnets and magic tricks - I am learning them for Emma's Halloween party!

If you weren't designing jewelry, what would you be doing? I would have been a costume designer so I can combine my love of fashion and drama.

What kind of girl do you envision wearing this collection? Superstitious women who know that mirror surfaces repel negativity.

I think that's the kind of woman I want to be now...

Click through to see the whole spring collection, photographed Philippe Jarrigeon.