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Elin Kling Talks Designing Her Own Line at Acne Paper's 14th Anniversary

We caught up with Swedish superstar blogger Elin Kling at last night's Acne Paper party. Read on to find out what she had to say about her design aspirations. Party pics of beautiful people like Alexa Chung and Sofia Coppola included.

Last night, celebrities and industry insiders came out to the Four Seasons to fete the 14th--and biggest--issue of Acne's magazine, Acne Paper. The theme of the issue is Manhattan and it's filled with portraits of the Big Apple--everything from an excerpt from Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities to a selection of Steven Meisel photos shot in NYC to a profile on the New Yorker.

Fittingly, there were more than a few notable (new) New York residents on hand--like Olivier Theyskens and Alexa Chung--as well as native New Yorker Sofia Coppola. But this being an Acne party, there were plenty of tall blond Swedes in attendance is well. We caught up with one--blogger superstar/designer Elin Kling (clad in Acne, of course)--to talk about her future design projects and why New York style has a leg up on Swedish style.

It seems like a lot of Swedish designers and models and bloggers have really been taking the fashion industry by storm, recently. And musicians. And actors.

Exactly. Swedes are really having a moment. Why do you think that is? I don't know but I was saying to my friend the other day--Alicia Vikander who is an actress who is doing great things--she was here last week and I said, 'you know, I think actually it's pretty good to be Swedish right now.' I mean there's no success without actually being good at what you do. But I think Swedes are pretty easy to work with. We have a really realistic approach and we're easy going and trust worthy.

How would you describe Swedish style? Swedes are very good at dressing--and it's classic, minimal style. I've been here [in New York] for almost two years and I notice that [what is different is that] everyone dresses the same in Sweden. It's not so playful, maybe. That's one of the fun parts for me [living in New York]...I notice that I can try to play around a little bit.

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You just did a collaboration with Guess. Will you do a second collection for them? No, I won't do another one. I feel like everything I do, I do once. But you never know. After [I did a collaboration with] H&M, I said I would probably not do another one but then Guess happened. But I have another project that I'm working on, so..

Can you tell us anything about it? I can't tell, no.

Would you be interested in designing your own line? Yes. Having worked with Guess and with H&M...I actually have had a really good education in design.

And we sort of have the feeling that Kling will be putting that design education to good use in her mysterious future project....

Click through for photos of the event.

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